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How Reading Equips A Writer With Appropriate Tools And Ideas For Writing

Updated on December 26, 2013

Reading is important for writers

As a writer, how do you then equip yourself with eh appropriate tools that will allow you to express your thoughts vividly in a much interesting way or that which is much appealing to your target readers.

One of the major ways in equipping yourself as a writer is to develop interest in reading.

In fact, every good writer reads a lot. The ideas that writers usually produce in writing are only a reproduction of materials they have read in the past. Materials that a writer has read in the past also influences the writer’s pattern of thought and discourse.

This goes on to say that, to be a professional writer; to enjoy writing and to write more supplementary ideas, you do not need to stop reading. Reading in fact, is essential to your success in writing.

You must make the effort to read your drafts to edit them appropriately to come out with good arguments. You must also make the effort to read extensively other written sources to make your content interesting for readers.

Advantage of Reading for Writers.

When you read the individual phrases and sentences, you get to find the links between the phrases or the relationship between the sentences and words. Using your own words and rearrangement of ideas and sentences in the written material, you will be able to connect your ideas and establish a relationship between them. This will make your writing interesting. This allows the writer to do with words, what an ordinary reader would find difficult to do- Do to relationships new relationship between words and ideas.

What the professional writer does is to find a relationship between the individual ideas or phrases that he is familiar with through contemplation.

Establishing New relationship between sentences, words and ideas.

You can skillfully establish new relationship between these phrases, words, keywords and sentences to form new ideas. As the words and phrases provide a physical representation of ones thoughts, in their physical format, it becomes easier for one to compare the individual ideas embedded in the words. One can easily find the links or differences between ideas and regroup or reestablish a relationship between them hence bringing a new meaning to words and phrases to inform, to educate or to entertain the reader.

How reading helps in writing-how ideas evolve

Words are ideas in written form. When you read, you get to assess and find the relationship between the words hence ideas between not just sentences, phrases, and words but different articles as well.

Developing new ideas Through reading

Advantages of reading through a variety of content or ideas is getting to develop new ideas from the old ideas. The new sentence or the evolution of idea represents the individual sentences of ideas that it came from. They to some extent even contain the keywords found in the mother phrases. Knowing this will help you to generate a much readable contents.

Reading Equips the writer with appropriate tools

Reading equips the writer with the appropriate tools to express his thoughts and feelings.

Through reading, a writer learns so many ideas that they can use as examples in their content. Through reading, a writer also gets to learn new ways of expression and patterns of description.

Advantages of reading-noting errors in your own writing

You must be able to read other contents in order to figure out the mistakes in your own writing.

The content and the reader-readability of your content

Giving the reader an idea, image or clue to the image of background idea. Giving the reader the background idea. Drawing the reader to your point. Making reader understand your main point. Finding the nucleus of your article or your point.

What makes the content readable-What makes the content understandable to reader

It is the pattern of ideas connecting the different sentences at different parts of the content that it will give the reader the image clue of the idea or nucleus of your point.

Advice to for writers

Do not worry if you do not come up with words and ideas after reading the first sentence.

It' the same that will help you the writer develop more words and ideas for your contents. What you should care about.

Read your drafts often to develop them well and learn from other written sources as well. Read to equip yourself with more ideas and to reconnect them to make your articles interesting.

Finding links between sentences and Ideas- developing new ideas and philosophical truths.

As you read one content or several contents, you will be able to develop ideas as you find links between sentences through the content.

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