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How Superjail Aids the Common Psycho

Updated on February 19, 2017

Anyone who's got a TV has heard of Family Guy, American Dad, Squidbillies, Black Dynamite, The Boondocks, etc... These are animated shows that make up Adult Swim.

They are entertaining in that they are sarcastic and over-the-top unrelentingly honest. Many people think these are the sickest shows ever made. But if they were to allow themselves to drift pass Robot Chicken on one Sunday Night to 12:15, they will see the sickest, craziest, most brutal and catastrophic show that lasts all of 11 minutes.


The Characters:

  • The Warden is the sadistic jail creator who runs Superjail on his own private island inside a volcano.
  • Jared is the warden's assistant.
  • Alice is superjail's head security guard.
  • Jailbot is a levitating robot that the warden made to handle tasks around the jail.
  • The Doctor is a man that experiments on people and things rather than provide medical help.
  • The Twins are the teleporting and shrinking aliens that add their own mischief.
  • Jacknife is an uncommon criminal with animalistic rage causing havoc.
  • Gary and Bird; Gary is the silent man that's subservient to Bird, a female canary that rules over the jail.
  • Paul Guaye and Jean Baptiste Le Ghei are two homosexuals, they were leaders of two rival gangs but are now in love.
  • Ash is a badly burned pyrokinetic inmate.
  • Lord Stingray is a super villain that lost his armana, crashing on The Warden's island, and just aggravates The Warden.
  • The Mistress is the leader of UltraPrison for women, she appears a couple of times.

This cartoon is wild and consisting of complete psychotic unpredictable behavior. And one day it came to me; this show may be a cure to ease the psycho in psychotic men and women. They could have a mental refuge here.

Here are the 3 ways in which I think superjail aids the common psycho.



Order ceases in this show. Reality is distorted. It's a journey to a different dimension. Some psychos today just wish that the normal flow of things would stop. That they could make the rules in their own atmosphere where dogs could talk, cats could fly, or birds would go to their job and eat a co-worker they don't like.

Most psychos are softer, making the sky filled with obscene colors, Ferris wheels, water fountains, and flying pigs that they may hunt with a rifle like ducks. Superjail gives all this. Gripping the watcher with all the reality, norm, and crudest disruptions in the normal flows of what's supposed to be a Penile system where most psychos, sociopaths, and wrongly accused reside.

It's sweet brain juice to the psychos in that everything and anything can happen in a chaotic world. It settles their mood in that it emits relation, the comfort they find in chaos everyday. And in life, to truly reach someone, it's all about relating and understanding.



The show provides a rage fix that always leads to deaths. This satisfies the anger in the psychotic mind. We all know that many psychos find a quick fix to anger in murdering. Deaths happens literally ever 6 seconds into the whole show.

The rage and desire driven Jacknife is literally the most destructive and worst criminal figure that escapes at the end of every single show after a massive massacre caused by someone's decisions or issues. There is constant raging emotions, from anxiousness, nervousness, rushing, exhilarating changes, and constant murders and deaths due to rage and simple disagreements. This rage is welcoming to the common psycho because they get all the pointless death they could ever need.

Superjail becomes the quilt and pillow of sharing ideas and feelings about their boss, ex-friends, exes in general, and anything else that's going on their psychotic brains. So instead of going somewhere to take their rage out on someone, Superjail has given them a refuge in it's escape from reality and acceptance of death. Superjail has given them understanding in inconsideration and mental brutal murderous venting.


With all the craziness happening in the show, with all the rage, death, and reality distortion, the psycho doesn't feel so alone. Their minds are like this almost all the time. They have a home in the wild, in the chaotic, in the death and destruction of Superjail. And the idea of not caring about anything, is mutual for most of the world.

In crazy they are not alone for 11 minutes on one night. We all share the feeling of being psychotic. The universe has united us all in the amusement, shocking, craziness, crudeness, rage, death, chaos, brainless, inconsiderate, absurd, inhumane, sick, weird, twisted, apocalyptic, immoral, gross, gory, and death-filled world of Superjail! And for 10 to 11 unreal minutes, we are all psychos, and it's okay.

Last and Not Least

Superjail! is an animated show. It's is ultra-violent fun. And if you're blaming it for causing mass murders, leave immediately and don't ever come back.

If you think it's a cartoon version of a splatter, black comedy, and twisted fun, you're like me and welcomed to anything I write. If you find yourself liking it a lot, you might have some pent up rage. If you find yourself loving it, you may be psychotic. And as long as you keep your psychotic-ness under control, it's all good. Here's an episode link from a generous individual titled Ghosts to give the unfamiliar a taste. Enjoy it; if you can. If you can't enjoy it, that's understandable, and you should just stop watching and forget about it.


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    • SonQuioey10 profile image

      Toni Northern 4 years ago from Williamston NC

      TFR@ Georgie Lowery. I'm glad you like the hub. Squidbillies is fun too, I also like Robot Chicken, so like you, "I ain't quite right either." LOL!

    • Georgie Lowery profile image

      Georgianna Lowery 4 years ago from Slaton, Texas USA

      I dig Superjail, though most of my friends think I'm slightly insane, anyway. I also love Squidbillies, so I guess I "ain't quite right."

    • SonQuioey10 profile image

      Toni Northern 4 years ago from Williamston NC

      TFR @Miller2232. Yeah, I agree. I, only in the past few weeks, watched it and thought it was crazy but funny in various parts also. Then I thought a psycho would really enjoy watching this or someone with anger issues. It's just good ultra-violent fun though.

    • Miller2232 profile image

      Sinclair Miller III 4 years ago from Florida

      I watch that show along with all the other shows that come on during late-nights on Adult Swim. That show is hysterical to me just like the other such as Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

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