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How To Be A Decent Writer

Updated on June 13, 2017

Writing and literature have been around for centuries, hell even ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs can count as an ancient form of writing. Here are some ways to get a little better at writing, might not be world record levels of good but it will help you pass your English test.

Step 1, Be Creative. Writing can be about anything, history or even something just completely made up. In some ways writing is a form of emotional expression which means if you are sad or angry if you write something having to do with what your feeling it can create a higher feeling of emotion or tension, you don't have to dive into everything at once when creating work maybe just start off with something you know.

Step 2, Work On Your Spelling. I will be the first to say that I will many times mess up on my writing or even use the wrong word, Are or Our can be a little confusing to me at times so it can be a little difficult. But reading alot or looking up what you think is the better word to use can be of great help, practice also helps when writing and if people can read and like what you like they just might come back for more. Maybe.

Step 3, Have Someone Proofread. Proofreading is the human form of spellcheck. Have someone you know go along and read whatever it is you wrote, maybe they can help find out somethings you are not good with or things you might mess up on from time to time. Trust me I hated having my teachers proofread my stuff when I was younger but eventually I got used to it.

Step 4, Write What Your Good At. If you are really good at history perhaps write about that, it can be a little hard to write about things you do not know much about so perhaps start with something you know. I know quite a bit about games so I am rather decent in writing lists about games or things somewhat related to games.I am not perfect by any means but by writing with something I know about more I can get a little better quicker with my writings.

Step 5, Work Hard. Writing like many things can take months to years worth of work to get good, I mean I used to write a few songs everyday and they were just terrible. Working hard and writing alot could help get your experience up a bit which in many cases can help in your hobbies of writing or with work.


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