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How To Be An Effective ESL Teacher

Updated on January 23, 2017

I have been an ESL teacher for 6 years and I have taught students from Asian countries as well as from Turkey and Germany. I taught from office-based to home-based setting. It is not an easy job because there will still be a language barrier.

You have to try everything that you can to surpass that barrier and also don't forget to have fun when teaching them. I always keep in mind that my students are learning from me and I am learning from them too.

So here are some tips to help you in ESL teaching:

1. Be patient:

As the saying goes by Patience is a Virtue. Students will appreciate you if you wait for them until they are finish answering or explaining their ideas.

2. Smile:

If you smile often they will feel comfortable with you and they will keep asking for your class.

3. Give good feed backs!

Students love to hear that they are improving or they are doing great in the class!

If you send them messages try not to use the same words again.

4. Maintain an eye contact.

Students will definitely keep an eye on you. They are observant especially when they think that you are not paying attention to what they are saying. You have to always maintain eye contact with them so that they can see that you are dedicated in teaching them.

5.Speak slowly:

Some students couldn't catch up right away to what you are saying. You have to adjust the pace of your speaking so they can understand you well.

6. Have fun!

English is a fun language to learn. You can learn different and new vocabularies everyday. It is also interesting to listen to the different stories of the students.

I hope you have learned something out of this tips :)



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    • allelsematters profile image

      Lady Jen Palven 14 months ago from Philippines

      Thank you Sherry. :)

    • profile image

      Sherry 14 months ago

      It is very useful. Thank you for this.