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How To Become A Werewolf

Updated on June 26, 2017

Werewolves are one of the most well known monsters in cinema and literature, they are basically humans who have turned into giant murderous humanoid dogs. Like Vampires and Zombies there have been many different things saying how one comes the monster, or how it is created.

Werewolves can be created by getting bit by a Werewolf, being cursed by someone or something. But if you are feeling crazy and decide that you want to become one of fantasies most dangerous creatures then listen closely to what I say.

One of the most easiest ways to supposedly become a werewolf is to get a belt made out of a wolfs hide, sometimes it is a human skin that is required. I wasn't able to find much besides just getting the belt, I believe you are supposed to strip down to your birthday suit then wear the belt under a full moon.

Another way to become a werewolf is by performing a special ritual. You would need to know where a very flat mountain top is at, create a special sign and everything. Doesn't go into very much details.

They say drinking out of a special river will give you the ability to turn into a werewolf, even drinking water from the footprint of a werewolf will allow you to transform, even rubbing a special ointment will help you turn.

Many websites you can go on to try and find out more will usually have the same things on them. Curse, bitten or genetics.

A curse would most likely be easier to find, there are some places in the world that sell kinds of books that have to do with dark arts and magic, if you believe in it then maybe it is right for you. Being bitten might be the second hardest, since in order to be bitten you need to know where one is at and make sure you don't just get eaten alive. Genetics is the hardest, they say that the only way to become a werewolf genetically is if you have two parents with wolf genes, they also say that you won't show signs of being a werewolf till late in puberty.

The benefits of being a werewolf are rather good, you get enhanced senses with super strength and speed, however the cons might way a little heavily.

Becoming a werewolf does give you the benefits of wolf like abilities but it also rids you of control. There is only rare occurrences where a werewolf remains in full control, or the human remains in control of what they do in the wolf form. In most cases however once transformed they lose every sense of their humanity and become ruthless killing machines. Slaughtering humans and animals alike.

Werewolves tend to be the more beastly between them and the vampires, they are stronger but not so much smarter.

But yes anyways if you wish to turn into a werewolf there you go, just know that if you do believe in the spirit type stuff then be prepared on what you might find on the other side.


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