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Journaling, And Why It Should Be a Top Priority in Your Life

Updated on August 16, 2014
Writing can open doors to yourself that you didn't even know were there.
Writing can open doors to yourself that you didn't even know were there. | Source

Most of us have little to no time at all to spend recording our life stories, and many do not find any reason at all why they should take the time to do so in the first place. Common belief causes us to think that the reasons for keeping a journal is just for us to look back on when we are old or for our children to laugh at when they are young, but though those are some reasons that one could decided to keep a journal, it does not mean that those are the only reasons.

If you are skeptical as to why you should bother with journaling in addition to your own busy schedule, pay close attention; journaling just may be exactly what you need to improve your psychological, emotional, and even physical well-being.

And here are some reasons why...

It Is More Natural Than Stress Medication

If you are someone who has a hard time dealing with stress, then journaling may be something you will want to look into.

Writing is a fantastic way to identify the certain stressors in your life that are causing you the most distress as well as providing you with a more complete understanding of these issues. Creating a deeper understanding of where your stress is coming from is the key to finding the best solution for you to deal with it. Being able to write out your own personal thoughts and feelings about the stress that you are feeling is a very effective way to work to finding a doable solution because the writing will cleanse your focus as you organize your thoughts, ideas and emotions.

Working through your stress will also release a great deal of pent-up energy built up around those stressors, which will consequently reduce the impact of the way that stress wears on your physical health. Some of the effects that a lot of stress has on your body is damaging, but by creating an ongoing habit of journaling, you can reduce these negative effects astoundingly.

It Is Cheaper Than Therapy

Many people will tell you that they love their therapist and would recommend it for everyone.

The bad news is that sometimes that is a bit on the pricy side of things. But the good news is that there is a much more affordable way to get the same kind of personal insight. And you guessed it! Journaling is the answer.

All you need to journal is a pen, a notebook, and yourself (and a quiet place is highly recommended). If you don't already have a pen and notebook available, try dropping by your local grocery store and you can find both for under $5. Once you have all the materials, you are all ready to get started! Just take a little bit of time every week to write to reflect on your life and your thoughts, and you will be able to find out things about yourself that you never would have if you had never taken the time to sit down and ponder it. I guarantee that this will radically improve your mental and emotional health, making you an all around happier camper.

How much time are you willing to spend on yourself?
How much time are you willing to spend on yourself? | Source

And It Is Most Definitely Worth Your Time

The importance of finding yourself and discovering who you are as an individual in the world is exceptional. People spend their entire existences trying to define themselves and understand their path in life, and it seems like 80 years have past and we still have only scratched the surface of ourselves. Maybe that is all that we can really do in the short amount of time that we have to work with, but why not try everything in our power to find out as much as we can about ourselves while we still have time?

Journaling is an easy and highly effective way to maximize your options to self discovery by giving you a way to really delve into the deepest parts of your being and to explore your thought and feeling systems as much as you can. Just set aside a few minutes each week, and you will discover so much more than you would have imagined.

So don't do this for your children or yourself in the future, do it for yourself in the now. Do it to help yourself get through the hulking obstacles or massive storms that Reality will always put in your way.

Do it for you, and I promise that if you do take that extra time out of your busy day to do so, you will be on your way to improving yourself in practically no time at all.

Your Journaling Usage

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    • Jane Inkspill profile image

      Jane Inkspill 3 years ago

      I hope you do try it again! I know from experience that it really helps. And thank you again! xo

    • Milagros Lasarte profile image

      Milagros Lasarte 3 years ago from Paris

      This was definitely an interesting article! I've tried many times to start a journal but I have to say I've never seen it as a way to help with my stress. I'll probably try to write one this year again.

      Beautifully written :)