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How To Choose Mr Right

Updated on August 22, 2016

how to choose mr right

 Be friendly first,in your relationship.
Be friendly first,in your relationship.


Women look for young men that is tall ,handsome,broad shoulders, with money, have big house and cars and so on.

How do women select their man? Some women get leads or set-up by friends, peer-groups, dating program, meeting friends at a party, school /class mates, college mates, church functions, pen-pals and interestingly from some social media,even dreaming of the person and so on. Out of these media or scenario Mr. Right might just pop- up.

LOVE-Choosing a partner for life is most important. Therefore, the ingredient “love” must be the first point when selecting Mr. Right. Love in a relationship is expressed in three main types of love namely:

1.-Agape Love- is an unconditional love. I do not have to do anything for you in order, for you to love me or to show your affection to me.2. Eros Love - is an erotic affection for your partner or sexual feeling/intimate connection.

3. Philos love; this is a brotherly/sisterly affection, family relation.All relationship or couple needs these three types of love to affect people live. In some shape or form love must be executed in the case of sickness, there you show your love as brother/sister.

Eros love; is an erotic affection or sexual, intimate feelings for each other.

MONEY - a man with a good bank account, financial stability and acquisition of wealth will be attractive to a woman in any class. A relationship needs money, because it takes cash to care for a woman / family; for food, clothing, entertainment, travel, health, paying bills and so on. It is a natural phenomenon for women to love money and enjoy having a man who will give them money to spend. To the female money is a sense of security and an expression showing that you care for their welfare.


The law of attraction –states that you are attracted by persons of similar persona or social class, rich person are attracted to people of rich grouping, educated women are attracted by men in same category, but not all the time this theory is applied, sometimes, it works in the opposite way. Women love men who is strong with broad shoulders,virile ,with good libido or sexual prose , good stamina ,one who knows how to make love and romance them.


An individual persona is a key component to the full package of choosing your soul mate or partner for life. Your persona –means personality which relates to how handsome /ugly you are, it also speak to how humorous, Kind, pleasant, and how friendly you are to the partner. Knowing your spouse personality is a determinant to the compatibility of the couple success in their love life. Someone’s personality helps to attracts or endears your partner to you and others too.


Communication is the process by which two person talk or communicates verbally or by non-verbal means where by information or a message is sent from the sender to a receiver. Most women like when their man can talk clear and simply at the level they can understand.It is important to know your man when, and how to get him to talk and what will bring on the sparks. What to say, at the right time.


Education plays a pivotal role in a relationship. This is a way of enlightenment and socialization of each person. It allows them to function better among your friends, at work, home, church and the wider world.Some partner prefers to choose their spouse from the same social group, which shows compatibility in the area of their study. Farmer partner with a female bank clerk and so on. But for some people education is not a criterion.


Family is your roots from where a person came therefore, it is vital to pay keen attention so you can be assisted to unfold the family traits both good or bad ; the ability to learn ,illness and diseases/fertility or whether the family is wealthy /poor. The attitude and values the family upheld-spiritual attributes and commitment. Family background check is necessary to help you know your partner (DNA –Deoxyribonucleic Acid) or blood Group A,B OR O.Psycological /emotional disorder if any and other such history which may be of help to influenced your decision choosing Mr. right. It is good to liaisons with family relation and make smart enquiry to discover factors or character traits of partner.

From the 7 points guidelines for choosing Mr. Right; answer the following questions below.

What is the key point MR. RIGHT must have? Out of all the (7points) guidelines.



Which three (3) points /factors would you name as your main guide for choosing Mr. Right?

Which one of the 7points guidelines, would you leave out as least important?

The decision you make today will determine your future. Choose wisely and be smart, ask questions of counsellors, family members, and confidant you name them. There are many others factors /guidelines you could use on the list in choosing Mr. Right like occupation, spirituality age, decent/race, culture and as necessary. Starting out being friends is also a good way to develop into an intimate relationship, which might lead you into a long and lasting love life.



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    • Paul Reid profile image

      Paul Reid 13 months ago from Lot- 75 ,Darliston P.O. Westmoreland Ja.

      I like this hubie .Generally speaking, women see love as the key aspect of a good relationship;not to mentioned the Eros love explained.

      Love is the axis on which all other qualities spin,when choosing a partner.

      If were to assist in making a choice for someone; In order of preference I would look for the following pointers first; Love, Money and family background -the others come after.