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How To Explode Your Hubpages Traffic - Guaranteed

Updated on October 9, 2011

Facebook - The Holy Grail Of Traffic

This article will deliver no less than what I promise, hundreds of visitors, sometimes thousands of visitors to your hubs.

Web traffic is no easy deal, web traffic is worth a fortune and those who can crack a web code are able to make a fortune every month. Those who cannot at least are able to make around 100$ a month and aiming for 1000$ a month.

Facebook is the king of traffic. If you want serious traffic Facebook is the place to go. First, you need 5000 friends. 50% of Facebook users login everyday, this means, if you have 5000 friends, at least 2500 will see your wall every day. If you post a hub there a day, you will get 2500 eye balls and probably 20% of clicks, getting about 450 visitors per day! Not bad at all just by posting a hub to your wall.

The hard part is getting those 5000 friends. No problem, first thing, search on Facebook for Add Me and search for pages and groups. These you will find people who are lonely and want friends and content. Like the pages and join the groups to be able to post something there. Once you start posting "Add me everyone" people will start to join you, to add you, you will grow 5000 friends in no time.

Once you reach those 5000 friends it is time to go to the next level. No I do not mean performance drugs, I mean a fan page. With a fan page you can get unlimited fans. Make a fan page about YOU and send it to all your friends, now you can get unlimited fans which means do not stop promoting the page on Facebook groups and other pages, you need to send the word to make people come to the fan page and like you and see what you post there.

Another way is to see which friends you added have more than 1000 friends. When you post to their wall 500 friends (50% login everyday!) will see their wall and if you put a hub there, 500 will see your hub, if 20% click that means an easy 100 visits, not bad for a post.

Facebook is not the only player in town. There are other sites with traffic you can use. for example you can use Ezine Articles to write a small 400 word intro article with a link to your Hubs. It will take a lot of effort but it is worth the time, more incoming links means better search engine ranks and more incoming traffic.

Stumble Upon is another site to considerate. It has millions of users very active!

But nothing beats Facebook! 


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    • jawwadsaif profile image

      jawwadsaif 6 years ago

      nice tips! I am going to follow each of the step. Thanks for sharing

    • Cheeky Girl profile image

      Cassandra Mantis 6 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

      Some interesting tips for Facebook members to grow their popularity and traffic! Cheers!

    • writing4action profile image

      writing4action 6 years ago

      It truly works