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How To Find Out What Your Hobbit Name Would Be

Updated on July 25, 2012

What would your Hobbit name be? If you were a Hobbit, what would you be called? On this page we are going to take a look at some classic Hobbit names and also show you how to find out what your very own Hobbit name might actually be. This page is really just a way of showing you some good names for Hobbits and giving you a few ideas as to what your name would likely be.

J.R.R Tolkien’s works have inspired a generation of fantasy writers. His first book, the Hobbit and then later the more well known Lord Of The Rings are seen as the greatest fantasy fiction books ever written. Early in the 21st century when the Lord Of The Rings films were introduced, they really brought Tolkien’s world to the masses. At the end of 2012 we get the first instalment of the prequel to LOTR, The Hobbit. In both these classic fantasy tales one of the creatures that plays an integral roll in the story is the humble Hobbit. So let’s take a look at these Hobbit’s and at their names.

A Hobbit

The Origins Of Hobbits & Their Names

So if you are unfamiliar with Tolkien’s books then first of all what exactly is a Hobbit. Well they are small quiet folk who live in comfortable holes under the ground. They enjoy simple life and take pleasure in growing things and enjoying food and drink. They usually reside in an area called the Shire which sits in the West of Middle Earth. There are lots of large families in the Shire and many share the same sir name. It is important to remember that Tolkien based much of his work on middle England and loved the quaint little villages and towns there. So many of the names he dreamed up are ones you could imagine belonging to people back in the 19th century.

So what are some of the more well known names out there? Well obviously the most well known of all is Baggins. Both Frodo Baggins and Bilbo Baggins are very important characters in Tolkien’s books and they share this sir name. Other well known sir names include Took, Brandybuck, and Gamgee. These are all names of some of the main characters in the Lord Of The Rings. Other sir names that spring up in Tolkien’s work include ones such as Bracegirdle, Hornblower, Proudfoot, Maggot, Sackville and Smallburrow. There are various other names that you can find in other Tolkien books as well.

When it comes to first names Tolkien seemed to stick with very quintessentially English names. So for example we have names such as Tom, Rose, Robin, Sam, Merry and Nick. Along with these there are plenty of more creative names that still have an English ring to them, for example; Peregrin, Theobald, Merimas, Longo, Heribald and Ceredic. There are lots of other examples we could use to show just what kind of names are popular in Tolkien’s books when referring to Hobbits.

What Will Your Hobbit Name Be?

Creating Your Own Hobbit Names

You can of course have a go at creating your very own Hobbit names. There are sites online that have Hobbit name generators where you simplyadd your first and second name and then a generator will give you a Hobbit name. We tried a few examples to see what would come out, so for instance if you put in Brad Pitt you get Togo Loamsdown. If you put in David Beckham you get out Drogo Proudfoot. If you try a female name such as Janet Jackson you get out Estella Brandybuck. The generators seem to be pretty random and there does not seem to be that much consistency in them. If you want to try to come up with your own names for you and your friends then try and think of some characteristics of their personalities and include these in their names. So for instance if they are called Andrew Brown and are very tall you could call them Andrus Tallsparrow or something along those lines.

The world that Tolkien managed to create really is a wonderful place. When the first instalment of The Hobbit is released later in the year these wonderful stories will reach more people than ever before. Some of the names that we see in these books really are interesting and it is good fun to imagine what you own hobbit names may have been. Along with Hobbit names generators you can also look for your elven name or what you would possibly be called if you were a dwarf or a wizard. If Tolkien were still around today no doubt he would be baffled by the amount of people who have taken an interest in his little books he wrote all those years ago.


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