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The Secrets on How to Get Laid: Getting Laid Made Easy

Updated on July 2, 2014

If you have ever wondered how to get laid, below are easy steps you can take. Contrary to popular belief, getting laid is not as hard as everyone makes it out to be and it's very surprising that there are so many people on the Internet trying to figure it out. According to, this is the definition of "laid":

"Laid" is a verb and is the simple past tense of "lay". "Lay" means to put horizontally, like in a resting position. Putting a book on a desk is laying the book on the desk. Thus, if somebody has put a book on a desk, they have laid the book on the desk. It can also mean to be knocked down or to cause to be in a particular state or condition or to set, place or apply. Thus, getting laid can mean many different things.

This monkey is quite happy after getting laid.
This monkey is quite happy after getting laid. | Source
  • Get help - Getting laid isn't hard, particularly if you get some help. Since getting laid implies that somebody else is doing the laying and that one cannot get laid by oneself, involving another person is absolutely necessary. In fact, one does not even need to be human to get laid, as the picture above indicates. That monkey got laid since somebody set him down horizontally on the ground or it's possible that he set himself there. Either way, he got laid.
  • Take Up Boxing or MMA - In either of these sports, the participants are getting laid all the time. In their case, they're usually getting laid out, which means that they're knocked down so that they're horizontal to the ground. Although not everybody gets knocked out in these sports, sooner or later, it usually happens unless you're exceptionally good. Since most people who are reading this won't have much experience in these sports, your participation will likely result in you getting laid (out) almost immediately.
  • Take a Debate Class - Unless you are a seasoned debater, engaging people in spirited debate is likely to result in having your arguments laid bare. In the process of getting laid (bare), you will have to reassess your point-of-view and the arguments you make to support your points. Getting laid (bare) like this forces one to refine their arguments and makes one a better debater and more confident in how they defend their point-of-view.
  • Planking - I was unfamiliar with planking until recently, but it's an excellent way to get laid. Basically, planking involved pretending to be a plank and making yourself very straight and horizontal and then lying down on some odd object (I'll provide a link below) and taking a picture.
  • Luge - Another fun way to get laid, though you have to be pretty brave to luge, though effectively a luge is a sled and you don't have to do Olympic style luging to get laid in this manner. You can just find a hill with a moderate incline so that you don't go too fast. Or you can just go sledding.


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  • Blond Logic profile image

    Mary Wickison 

    5 years ago from Brazil

    I love it. The English language explained in a fun way. Great idea.

  • Jeannieinabottle profile image

    Jeannie InABottle 

    5 years ago from Baltimore, MD

    I am more interested in getting lei'd, but apparently I have to go to Hawaii for that. Guess I will look for other alternatives. :-)

  • Matt in Jax profile image

    Matt in Jax 

    6 years ago from Jacksonville, FL

    Lol. Wonder how many reads this Hub has with surprisingly no comments as to not show that they clicked on it because of the title. Funny.


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