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How To Get My Book Published

Updated on June 18, 2013

Where will you get your book published?

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The world really changed in the last 5 years in publishing. Amazon opened the doors to self-publishing and big publishers are losing their reputation with authors. A long time the question was how to get my book published, but no it is where to get my book published.

Assuming you have a well edited and interesting book, the question isn't how to get your book published, but where. There are so many places to get published that the opportunities are really open to the world.

There are small publishers accepting unsolicited manuscripts, big traditional publishers, self-publishers, vanity publishers, and crowd-funding sites. The choice is obviously yours.

Small Publishers

Small publishers accepting unsolicited manuscripts are getting more of a viable option. Small publishers have more to lose on your book than big publishers. Therefore we assume they are more likely to devote time to your marketing effort instead of just asking you to do all the work. They might not have as good of editors or marketing staff, might have less connections to media outlets as well. Do your research before selecting a small publisher accepting unsolicited manuscripts to ensure they are really good.

Big Traditional Publishers

Big traditional publishers are the hardest to work with since they have 2 layers to keep your book away and so few people choosing it. Two people decide if your book is good or not: an agent and an acquisition editor. For this reason, publishers accepting unsolicited manuscripts tend to be much better for you. Big publishers do have great networks for your book and the ability to put it into book stores. Until eBooks are more popular than books, bookstores is a huge draw for authors.


Self-publishing is a growing part of the publishing industry, but it is hard. You can be a millionaire or a nobody. If you really want to succeed in this, you need to give at least 4 hours of your day to marketing and promoting your book. That is the biggest obstacle. You need to pay for editing and cover art, formatting if you can't do it yourself. Remember the marketing department is only as good as yourself, but these days big publishers don't offer much anyways.

Vanity Publishers

These are probably the worst, especially if they take a cut of the profits. They will publish your book in eBook and paperback, edit it, get cover art and do some promotion for it. They also expect you to pay for it. Is it worth it? Depends if your book is really good or not. Or if you just want to show off to friends. It is best to know some is actually interested in your book before publishing it, try it on Wattpad or another website to get feedback first. Sometimes there services are great, most times it is not so.

Crowd Funding Sites (and self-publish)

This is a great place to start self-publishing. Not only can you raise money, but you can sell your book before it is made. This lets you have a following and prepare for your next book launch. It isn't easy since you need to prepare your following before your campaign. You need to convince 30% of the funding from friends and family before you publish. It sounds easy, but it honestly isn't. Sometimes family can be stubborn or not interested even if they help you.

Good luck trying to get your book published. Choose the place to publish wisely and you'll be rich beyond belief. Come learn more at Bookkus.


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      gingerka 5 years ago from Colorado

      I will check this out.