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How To Increase Your Social Media Audience

Updated on April 14, 2015

Comment on as much as you can

You need to get your name out, it’s very important in trying to promote your brand, and one of the best ways is to get your name on the internet in as many places as possible.

Blog Posts, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, putting your digital footprint through comments is the new age version of guerrilla promotion. It’s like when rock bands used to put up as many flyers as possible around town to promote their shows, if people see your name enough, they will take a look.

Be sure that you are commenting on topics that more are geared towards what you want your audience to be. If most of your writings are about how fix and maintain a car, you’re not going to do the majority of your commenting on posts about technology.

One thing to not do is to only comment to promote yourself. People are most annoyed by comments that do not engage in the discussion, but only promote their own material. The best way to go about engaging in the conversation and also promote yourself is by bringing an opinion that can benefit the discussion, at the end mention that you have article similar to this topic followed by the link. This shows that you read this writer’s piece and appreciate it from the perspective as someone with similar interests. This could also get that particular writer to consider reading and promoting your blog and building these connecting are very important.

Write What You Love and Find Your Niche

The best way to post insightful and engaging material is to write about what you love.

If you’re a homemaker, than start writing about tips on how to improve your home, if you’re a into fashion, than writing about what the latest trends in fashion could be your thing.

When you write about what you know and love, You will gladly put in the work to research and to write informative topics.

Writing about a topic you already have knowledge in will help you be able to constantly bring new material and keep your self relevant and always current.

Be Topical

I call it “watercooler talk,” (Even though I’ve never seen people talk about a water cooler in my life, but office stereotypes work here) the point is to find a hot viral topic and write about it from your perspective. Writing about something that has audience will get you views and if the audience likes what they read, they will most likely want to read more material you make.

Make sure to try to find a new perspective on a popular topic. Finding a fresh view will get more readers. No one wants to read more than one article about the same thing.

Be Stupid

I’m not talking about articulating opinions in a manner that would be considered asinine, i’m talking about not using the words “articulating” and “asinine.”

Save the ivy league talk for an article in medical journal, when publishing on the internet not will turn your readers off more than have to speak more time looking at a dictionary than their future and for a lot people looking away from a computer screen is scary. Keep your sentences and words basic for the general public to understand, it will broaden your audience without alienating less intellectual, i mean the dummies.


When you look at another person’s article, sometimes you might say you wish that you came up with that, but guess what, you didn’t. You think that sucks for you, but its not. It’s best to create your own voice.

I’m sure there’s a song that Paul McCarthy wished he wrote (I want to believe All About That Bass is one of them), but the last time i checked, he came out with some really good songs himself.

Finding your own voice will help your audience to identify when they see a article you wrote.

It’s like without even looking it up, you can identify a Quentin Tarantino film. Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs, he has a unique filming style that film experts and avid movie watchers can easily identify. If for some strange reason it isn't his film, most would say “Wow, this person is definitely copying Tarantino.”

The best way to be yourself is to write how you would say it. It is good to have someone help you fix things that may not grammatically sound correct, but try not to change the voice of your piece, keep it how you would say it in a conversation and over time readers will be able to know its something you wrote without even checking.


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