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How To Make Money Writing Articles For The Internet

Updated on October 9, 2011

Yes you will make money writing

Make Money Writing Articles For The Internet

Writing for money is possible thanks to online sales. To make money writing articles you need to publish products to sell near the article where the readers will see them, click and buy.

Google Adsense is the most famous advertising network, the one with the most products to sell and no matter what gurus tell you, your articles need to convert into clicks and into sales or the advertiser will run out of cash to continue to show the ad.

The same is true doe all other cpm networks that pay per impressions rather than clicks or sales. If your articles do not sell the product, the advertiser will empty his account and cannot show more ads.

Fortunately your articles will sell hard!

The best way to make the articles sell is to setup a system to sell and forget about it. Using Google Adsense means you fill the entire site with ads and then you can forget about it because Google will work hard to fill your articles with ads. This is a true set and forget system.

Another good is is Bidvertiser. It has more expensive ads than Google but the clicks are generally lower. Try both to see which pays the most in the end.

Adbrite is another company with ads that want clicks and sales. It is usual to get 100$ ads!

Clickbank is said to be the ultimate money machine on the internet because the products sell really well if not better than Google Adsense products. Clickbank is the largest shop if I may call that of digital products like ebooks and software. When you buy something on clickbank there will come nothing to your home, instead Clickbank will allow you to download a piece of code, software or book.

With Clickbank ad generator you can fill your pages with Adsense like ads and show your readers what you have to sell. Yes there are Clickbank millionaires and by what I have been reading, articles make more money with Clickbank than Google Adsense but each writer will have an unique experience.

Now what to write about to make the sales?

Write only about what you know the most. Writing about what you know the most will attract the most visitors because people search the internet to get expert information, information they can rely on. Be that expert, be the one with that information to share.

Write without stopping, while you are idle the competition is writing and filling Google search results spaces.

Now when you are not writing you should be pursuing knowledge, more knowledge and then write your own version of that knowledge.

Search on Google for all the information you need, buy ebooks to get even more specialized information and keep in mind, the better you become, the more people you will get to read your articles.



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