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My Project Thesis Documentation

Updated on March 10, 2015

My Project Thesis Documentation

My Project Thesis Documentation


In the era of technology, where everything needs to be done efficiently and effectively, the existence of Information System becomes necessary. Information System is an integrated set of components for collecting, storing, and processing data and for delivering information, knowledge, and digital products. Organizations and other firms rely on information systems to carry out and manage their operations, interact with their customers and suppliers.

One of the popular information systems is the Transaction Processing System or so called Real-Time Processing System. It is a low-level system, which collects organizations operating data. It usually employs simple but highly repetitive process but requires the capability with high volume of transactions, great accuracy and high security.[STUD 2006]

There are a number of institutions that can be benefited by computerized information systems. One of these organizations is the hospital. A Hospital is a holistic institution which provides quality, medical and surgical intervention and nursing care not just to the ill and injured patients but also to the well ones. Its goal are promotion, restoration of health, prevention of illnesses and alleviation of sufferings. Healthcare is an essential part of the society and it is imperative for healthcare providers to carry out their jobs in an efficient and effective manner.

For this reason, the proponents have decided to propose a computerized hospital management system for Tanchuling General Hospital specifically to facilitate a mechanization of its manual system thus serving better its clients.

Hospital Management System is powerful, flexible, and easy to use and is designed and developed to deliver real conceivable benefits to hospitals. Particularly, it is intended for multispecialty hospitals, to cover a wide range of hospital administration and management processes. It is also an integrated end-to-end Hospital Management System that provides relevant information across the hospital to support effective decision making for patient care, hospital administration and billing, in a seamless flow. [SOFT2009]

In Philippines, there are hundreds of hospitals operating nationwide and one of them is the Tanchuling General Hospital. The Tanchuling General Hospital is one of the primary hospitals operating at Legazpi, City established by Dr. Vicente Tanchuling and Renee B. Tanchuling. Presently, the hospital is managed by Dr. Irish Tanchuling. Nearly all of the hospital’s processesare done manually particularly the registration of the patients, scheduling for medication of the patients, the billing processes and generatinghospital reports. The proponents supposed that with proposed system,the problems and difficulties encountered by the management with its manual system will primarily be solved.

1.1 Statement of the Problem

1.1.1 General Problem

How to develop and implement ComputerizedHospital Management System for Tanchuling General Hospital that will optimize the operations, provide solutions to the existing problems, hasten their manual processes and improve the healthcare services of the hospital?


1.1.2 Specific Problems How to develop a system that will help the nurse to monitor and maintain the scheduled medication time of the patients?

Since with the manual or current system, some nurses tend to forget the schedule medication time of the patients, specifically the on-time taking ofmedicines; this problem will then be resolved. How to develop a system that will determine the availability schedule time of the doctor?

Since the hospital has a residence doctors and a visiting doctors, they find it hard to determine when will be the doctor were going to be available on a certainday because they have different appointments to meet so the proponents will solve this problem through scheduling system so it won’t be hassle for their work to create module that will retrieve data such as the patients’ information and medical records?

Since all data are stored in a file cabinet, a storage vulnerable to certain incidentsleading to file loss, the management find it difficult to keep safe hospital files. Hence, the proposed system intends to facilitate an easy retrieval in case of data loss. to create module that will compute the bill of the patients?

In the current information system, the billing clerk manually computes the entire bill of a certain patient. Billing clerk assesses the patient’s list laboratory test performedand other hospital services availed. Then, the billing clerk computes the entire hospital bill using a manual calculator. With the proposed system, the proponents aimed to hasten the time spent in computing of bills by coming up with an accurate automated billing procedure thus, serving efficiently the clients. How to design a module that will generate the hospital reports?

The hospital management is required to accomplish reports such as patient’s history report,doctors’schedule, in-patient list, out-patient list, medical records, discharge summary reportsand the billing reports.

1.1.3 Significance of the Study

Tanchuling Hospital Management System is focused on providing a system that will make its services more effective and efficient than the standard.Hence, this study is beneficial to the following: Tanchuling General Hospital

The proposed system will facilitate smooth flow of day-to-day hospital operation by making all transactions faster and easier. In its implementation, the hospital management is assured to be competent enough to compete with other high technology hospitals in the region. Visiting Doctors

All patients’ information are readily available for them. Through the proposed systems, Doctors are given ample information, making it easier for them to attend to their patients’ needs. Head Nurse

It would be easier for the nurses to track the patients’ information like the room numbers, the diagnoses and etc. Nurse on-duty

The system will help the nurse on-duty to monitor and maintain the medication of the patients on time. Medical Secretary

The record keeping will become more systematic and presentable. It will be easier for the medical secretary to generate reports such as patients’ history, status report, doctors’ schedule, medical records and billing reports. Billing clerk

The computation of bill will be more accurate and easy for the billing clerk because of itssystem’s automatic computation feature. Proponents

The Proponents will gain more knowledge and skills in developing a more systematic and effective information system for other clients in the future. Future researchers:

This study aims to help the future researchers particularly those who willcreatea similar Computerized Hospital Management System. They can use some of the information in this study as a guide in designing their own system. This will also add new information to the above-end users for further inquiry.

1.2 Current State of the Technology

This information system relates its function to several hospitals that has computerized hospital management system.

1.1.1 Local Studies Hospital System of Ziga Memorial District Hospital

The undergraduate thesis of STI College Legazpi entitled Hospital System of Ziga Memorial District Hospital by DelaFuente, Christian P., Samaniego, Cheryl P., Villanueva, Hubert G. and Yap, Gloria M. provided an automated system that determined, monitored the stocks in the inventory and determined the critical level of all the medicines. The system provided a database for patients profile and module that will add and search for a particular patients and an accurate automated computation of billing procedure. Patient Information and Billing System of Aquinas Hospital

The undergraduate thesis of STI College Legazpi entitled Patient Information and Billing System of Aquinas Hospital by Gutierrez, Rea M. and Mendoza, Gretle reduced the time spent in the preparation of the patients’ bill. The paperwork is greatly minimized upon using the system. It also provided high security for the patients record and generated the billing department daily, weekly and monthly reports. [GUTI 2003]

The proponents will make a way of resolving the same problems encountered through the computerization of manual procedures of Tanchuling General Hospital which will then lessen the time in calculating the patients’ hospital bills.

Likewise, the proposed system will provide a wide range of ways to better serve the public, specifically its clients. The system can also generate different hospital reports and establish high security for patients’ records.

1.2.2 Foreign Studies Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems gradually become a standard in the healthcare industry as they provide a convenient way for storing and retrieving patient information. EMR systems reduce paper work to a minimum, practically eliminating cataloguing mistakes and assuring efficient time management. More importantly, these systems provide physicians with a 24-hour access to information via the internet allow for integration with various billings systems and ensure that the whole process is HIPAA compliant. Data Art gained solid expertise in developing EMR systems, which feature the following elements:

•Integration with previously used databases

• Integration with billing systems

• Automatic patient data retrieval

  • Convenient organization of information storage and categorization (notes, billing info, lab results, and etc.)
  • Full system customization
  • Several security levels
  • Powerful search engine The Keller Hospital Management System

Creative Software Products design and implement their automated Hospital Management System (KHMS) to replace their existing manual, paper based system. Their automated system controls the following information; patient information, room availability, staff and operating room schedules, and patient invoices. These services are to be provided in an efficient, cost effective manner, with the goal of reducing the time and resources currently required for such tasks.

The KHMS increase staff productivity and efficiency by:

  • Standardizing data, resulting in fewer corrections and significantly lowering the incidence of missing or incorrect data.
  • Consolidating data stores into one location ensuring data integrity and providing a database for future statistical and management reporting.
  • Reducing the time spent by staff filling out forms, freeing resources for more critical tasks.
  • Speeding up the billing process by having accurate, timely data, resulting in quicker payments and a better cash flow.
  • Increased error checking to reduce errors made in scheduling, making schedules more reliable, increasing staff morale, and reducing the amount of time spent by administration creating and publishing schedules. [ATWE 2010]

1.3 Objectives

1.3.1 General Objectives

To develop and implement Computerized Hospital Management System for Tanchuling General Hospital that will help them reduce paper works and hasten their manual processes.

1.3.2 Specific Objectives develop a system that will help the nurse to monitor and maintain the scheduled medication time of the patients?

The proposed system will find a way to solve this through putting a prompt or message box as their reminder so they will be able to maintain and monitor the medication of the patient. create a module that will determine the availability schedule time of the doctor.

With this, it will be easy to know the availability time of the doctor for the patient who needs his/her assistance. create module that will retrieve data such as the patients’ information and medical records?

The proponents will solved this kind of problem with the help of Backup and Recovery that will retrieve some data in the hospital. create module that will compute the bill of the patients.

With this computerized hospital management system, the billing clerk can process the bill of every patient faster and easier. The billing statement will show in the system with its total net. It is more accurate in computing hospital bill of patients. design a module that will generate the hospital reports.

The hospital can generate hospital reports such as patient’s history report, doctors’ schedule, inpatient list, outpatient list, medical records, discharge summary reports and the billing reports. The medical secretary needs only to finalize it. Since all records are stored in the database, the report will be made easy. The medical secretary should sign the reports she had generated then pass it to the medical director for sign approval.

1.3.3 Scope and Limitation Scope Patient’s Information

Records will be accessed and be updated easily making it more manageable for the record staff. Medication time of the patients ordered by the doctor to the nurse

The systemwill notify the nurse on-dutythe scheduled medication of patients. Staff Scheduling

The system includes the schedule of daily duty hours of nurses, doctors and technicians to guide and update them of their respective duty. Patients’ billing

The system will automatically compute the entire bill of a certain patient providing a moreaccurate computation of patient’s bill. Hospital Reports

The system will only cover the patient’s history report, doctors and technicians’ schedule, in-patient list, out-patient list, medical records, discharge summary reportsand the billing reports. Limitations Financial Accounting

The system will not cover the computation of the hospital finances like budgeting and hospital expenditures such as the medical supplies and etc. of medicines

The system will limit this process because of its need to cash out money to buy new medicines that has relation with Financial Accounting. Payroll System

The Proposed system will not include the payroll system of the employees in the Hospital Physical Backup

The system will limit its use of CD’s for recovering files since all data in the hospital are confidential.


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    • Valorie Esquilona profile image

      Valorie Esquilona 

      3 years ago from Philippines

      hi Meckaela, thanks for this blog. your grade is 89. good job.


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