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How to make Writing less boring.

Updated on December 26, 2013

Making your work more fun and exciting - part 2

Writing and transcribing could sometimes be boring. There are so many ways you could therefore make yourself enjoy your work. Here are some few useful tips on how you can make your work as either a writer or a transcriber or much more fun and enjoyable.

You can enjoy the writing or transcription work by choosing a perfect time- a time that you feel comfortable with. Most people are able to work more and comfortably during the mornings; some in the afternoons; some people in the evening or nights and some also dawn works perfectly for them. The most important thing is for you to know the time that you are able to come up with lots of ideas and words. I personally prefer the morning and dawn. Although, I get to develop ideas on the go as well. You should also find a place that you feel much comfortable with to sit and work.

Know Your Reading Audience
You can also enjoy writing by always having a particular audience that you are writing for. You should always have or know the particular reading audience for your content and remember them always as you write. With them in your mind, you wouldn't feel bored with the writing process as you tend to imagine yourself speaking to them directly. You are able to come up with more words for your content and know exactly what to say in your article as you tend to imaging them asking you questions as you speak or write your thoughts. If you can imagine your target readers whenever you are writing, you will be able to write more as you are always in an imaginary conversation with them. You don't feel lonely and bored as your imaginary friends are always with you (- in your mind) to keep you company.

Take breaks in between your work to relax

In order not to also make your work as a transcriber or article writer so boring, try and fit a bit of entertaining stuff in between your work period. You could use bits of your time to relax and listen to a bit of music. Doing makes your work seem short and easy and you tend to work more. You could also break in between in your work and watch short movies or videos related to your topic of interest. Watching a very long movie or a whole movie could take much of your time. You could also try and play a simple computer game to relax and take some time off the work. Just make sure that you don't get too much involved in the game that you are not able to go back and continue with your writing or transcription job.

Simply you could step away from your computer or notepad for a while just to relax your eyes. You could get a view outside or look at people through the window just go for a short walk around the block. You will not be able to come up with more ideas for doing your work; it's actually good for your health as well. This will help to enjoy your work more and also improve faster.

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