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Using the internet efficiently in your writing

Updated on December 26, 2013

Making your writing fun and enjoyable part 4

*The internet is great and fast way of researching on your topics . it makes research easier. In fact it's more fun using the internet to research on your topic and less expensive as it saves you money that you would have used to buy the books and newspapers to be used in your research . You can learn more about your topics or explore about them using the search engines like Google , Bing, Yahoo etc. Search engines make it a lot more easier to find websites or contents that have information related to the topic you want to write about . There are lots of news websites as well to help you find news materials , current events or new developments in your subject area that you can use to support your claims or write about .

The internet can save you the time and money of going to the library and rather sit at the comfort of your home and search for all the information that you need . With the internet, you can also get access to helpful writing tools like encyclopedia, dictionary , thesaurus article spinning softwares etc . Some of these softwares are free to download unto your computer and use them locally or you could use them directly on the website when connected to the internet .

When using the internet as your main researchtool , you might be tempted to plagiarize other people's materials . This not only could call for penalties from content owners but you would also be preventing yourself from developing creative contents . It would be more appropriate if you can develop your own ideas from information studied on the web or use your own background knowledge to paraphrase contents on the web to be used in your own articles . If there is any interesting point or idea on the web that you would want to make reference to or to use to support your claims , you could seek for rights from the content owner or use them in your content but making sure you provide reference to where you picked it from or credit to the original author of that idea

When you don't have a digital camera or when you are not a photograph or photoshop expert , you don't need to worry much when you have the internet . You can save the time and money of going around to take photos and after editing them to photos be used as illustrations for your articles or blogs . There are lots of nicely edited photos on the internet related to your topic that you can choose from . You could just google them or you could just go to photo websites where you can embed them on your own blogs , websites and articles on directory . Only thing is you should obtain rights from the owner or uploader of the photo before you use it especially on the net. Some photos can also be obtained for free from certain websites without you first obtaining authorization from the owner .

There are also lots of writing softwares on the web that you can download and use in your writing . Here are some few mostly preferred by professional writers : notepad , quicknote , sticky notes . evernote etc . Most of these could be obtained for free from the software developer's website . There are somethat you can download and install for use on your system or some that can be installed as an extension to a compatible browser like chrome or mozilla .

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.


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