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How To NOT Make $100,000 A Day

Updated on August 30, 2008

This day in age it's hard to turn on a computer, TV, radio, or even read a newspaper without being bombarded with ads telling you that you can make $100,000 a day with little or no effort. "It's just that easy!"

Well, my friends, if it were just that easy then everybody in the world would be making $100,000 a day. It's this tactic that it seems like everybody looks for to find an easier way to make the money that we want to. They know this and they know that alot of people will most likely buy their program for $29.95 plus $10.95 shipping and handling. Especially, if you're guaranteed to receive $29.95 back if it doesn't work. In this regard, they have already made a profit from charging $10.95 to send you something that probably didn't cost a dollar to send.

You can type in anything to do with money into a search engine and you're likely to get a million pages on "legit" ways to make that million dollars.

We're all here to make money doing what we like to do and that's to write and/or share information that we have a genuine interest in, but I have seen several hubs on how to take advantage of Adsense and other possible means of driving your site. Even though this is offered for a fee, not everybody will reap the benefits given in these hubs and it sort of gives alot of people false hopes of landing a $100,000 payday within just a few short weeks. The true key to this area is to have your myspace buddies check out your hub or blog(s) and ask them to click on these ads. I know people who have generated a fairly modest income of just $200-$300 a month for a few months.

A higher income is noted if you have the means to present something with ads that someone just has to have a look at. I saw an ad once asking, "Is God Real? Click on the link to see prove." Naturally you're going to have millions of believers and skeptics alike click on this ad that someone created to reel potential customers in. More along the lines of a bait and switch technique. "Ha ha, I offered you proof of God, I think I'll sell you my book instead."

Granted, there are ways to make money online, but the legitimate sites will tell you that you're probably only going to make $100 a month doing this. They fail to mention, however, that it will most likely take you several hours to do so. These sites are called GPT (Get Paid To) Sites.

On these sites you're compensated for completing advertisers offers and surveys. They don't mention that you're more than likely to get harrassing phone calls and an inbox full of spam in return for a $25 pay out. I know people who have joined these sites to make a quick and easy buck. In return for $30 or $40 payouts, they had to change their number and some had to cancel their credit cards, because of recurring charges after cancelling a service.

It's a price many people were and are willing to pay if they don't want to continue working that hard job that we all make. You have to ask yourself though. Is it really worth it? That $29.95 that you just paid for that program could've been easily invested in bonds or something that'll gain interest. It won't make you rich, but you have a nice nest egg in 15-20 years time.

This isn't the traditional approach in the "Want It Now" society, but it's the smartest and truthfully easiest way to build towards retirement. You'll have to continue working, but hey, at least you're getting paid for it and not sitting at home with nothing to do and nowhere to go. There's only so many days that one can sit at home and wander aimlessly until they go crazy.

Why make someone else rich in the process of trying to make yourself rich, whenever you could do it yourself with a little bit of time and a whole lot of effort? Especially, since you're more than likely getting scammed in the process.

Just a little food for thought.


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