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How To Read Young Adult Ebooks For Free?

Updated on April 7, 2015

The Right Way To Read Copyrighted Books For Free

No, we're not talking about getting those latest best sellers through those ebook sharing sites, communities, forums or those file sharing sites that all hurt the author's hard made efforts and not even give them a penny.

Believe it or not there are ways to read copyrighted material online without committing a felony or crime, and even better yet...this does not even involve book swapping (where one trades their physical copy of a book with another fellow member in exchange to read that person's book and vise versa). Below are some sites to read (and listen) to books online and off-line for free.

Doing It The Arc Way!

The following sugestions are services that provide advance reader copies of books to interested book reviewers and lovers.

Net Galley

Screenshot of Net Galley Homepage
Screenshot of Net Galley Homepage | Source

Check out this great video made by bookables on Netgalley

Quick Steps

To put it simply:

  • You can read ARC (Advance Reader Copy) versions of the Book for free
  • You Need A Blog (use blogger or wordpress) or a reviewing tool (some use youtube)
  • Must have reviewed at least 10 books of one genre or niche (adventure, romance, etc...)

First up is Net Galley.

To explain this site I have to start off with what eGalleys are--book galleys that is. So what are Book Galleys? Book Galleys (also known as ARCS--advanced reader copies) are pre-published versions of an author's upcoming book(s) and are paid by the company, and is free--but not to the public.

So what's the catch? It's actually very simple: when you're done reading the book, review it.

How does one get an eGalley? It won't be as easy as you think if you just sign up for the site and try to request galleys (it truly won't work). Netgalley is all about feedback, and that is the main thing they want from you. They need to trust that at the end of the day you'll give them an honest review about your take on the book.

To get started you'd at least have to have a few thoughtful reviews on goodreads, or even on your book blog (if you have one). You could even post your reviews on youtube if that's what your most comfortable with.All you need a space or source to post your reviews.

When you request a galley from a publisher on Netgalley post the link to the books that you have already reviewed. If they like what they see they will most likely approve your request. When you receive your galley, and are finished reading it simply post your honest review, and give the link to the book publisher.

tip: To increase your chances at getting galleys have at least 10-15 book reviews on the specific genre you would like to request (if your reviews are all about romance it would not make sense to request a galley on crime/suspense).

When you get the chance to download your eGalley (it will usually show up on your desktop as a pdf file) you will have access to it for about 55 days.


To Get Started:

Edelweiss is very similar to Netgalley, but with a little bit more complication. Though you can request a training with them, and that will help you get started with the website.

Second is the new, but massively stacked Edelweiss.

Edelweiss is very similar to NetGalley except with an enormous selection of eGalleys. Not only is it better, but it is more complicated. There are so many categorizes, and companies to choose from that your mind could explode.

From Harper Teen, Simon Pulse, and Little Brown to Random House, Speak, and MTV Books. But after learning the strings here, and there I'll just give it to you the easy way.

First you have to go through the registration process which is located on the right hand corner at the very top of the page.Then you have to click on the "Review Copies" tab so that way you can see which titles are available for downloads.

When clicking on the request link you have to describe your role in requesting the book (blogger, teacher, librarian, book seller, etc.), and then wait for an email to come from the publisher that you requested from on your approval or denial regarding the eGalley.

Don't Waste Those Free Trials!

The following suggestions for reading YA books for free online are free trials. You will not be charged in any way during the free trial and may cancel any time before the billing cycle date to not be charged. Please use the following services genuinely as a booklover and do not abuse these free trials.

Scribd - It's like Netflix for Books!

Screenshot of Scribd Homepage
Screenshot of Scribd Homepage | Source

What You Will Get:

  • A 30 day Free Trial.
  • Access to unlimited books
  • Offline Reading
  • Reading on multiple devices (andriod, ios, and pc)

What You Will Need:

  • An email address
  • A debit/credit card (for free trial)

Third, and taking ebooks to the next level is Scribd

Scribd is taking a spin at ebooks the Netflix way.

For $8.99 a month you can have access to an unlimited amount of books in Scribd's library.

It's practically like paying the price of one ebook just to read thousands of your favorite ebooks for free. But you wouldn't dive into a service without sampling it first right? Knowing this Scribd offers its users a 30-day free trial of its ebook service to give them a taste of what to expect. Scribd's "Kids&Teens" ebook section is stacked with a massive collection of ebooks ranging from fiction and non-fiction, to crime and adventure. That way teens can easily discover the Y.A. books they'd want to read.

Users can access their Scribd library on their smart phone (be it android or apple), tablet, and on their desktop/PC! Users can also customize their ebooks to their comfort by enlarging the text, changing the page texture (white, sepia, or night view), and even changing the fonts.

You can also get an additional free month of Scribd's ebook service by referring a friend to Scribd's free trial, and as a bonus your friend also receives an additional free month of Scribd!

Keep in mind that the free trial renews automatically which means you will be charged $8.99 automatically after your free trial ends (much like netflix, and hulu plus) so to keep that from happening you should cancel your free trial before the end of your billing cycle. Though if your on a tight budget, and would love to keep reading an unlimited amount of books for only $8.99 a month I would recommend to stick with Scribd.


My Nook's screenshot of Oysterbooks app
My Nook's screenshot of Oysterbooks app | Source

Check out what people say about Oyster!

What You Will Get:

  • A 30 day free trial
  • Access to over 500,000 books!
  • Reading on multiple devices

What You Will Need:

  • An email address
  • A debit/credit card (for free trial)

Fourth and playing no games is Oyster (A.K.A. Oysterbooks).

With over 500,000 titles Oyster is another great way to read unlimited books!

Oyster books are available to read online on its official website as well as on the Oyster app.

Oyster is available on the appstore for ios devices as well as androids on google play, and even Amazon's Kindle Fire.

Oyster is very easy to use and allows you to customize its book's text with different fonts, and sizes as well as alter the display mode on your screen.

Similar to scribd you start off with a 30 day free trial, and if you really enjoy Oyster books, after the free trial you can continue to read all the books you want for as little as $9.95 a month.

Entitle Books

My Nook's Screenshot of Entitle Books
My Nook's Screenshot of Entitle Books | Source

Fifth and On the Rise Is Entitle Books

Entitle Books is an ebook subscription that allows you to download two ebooks for the price of one. Now on to the free trial! When you start Entitle Book's 7 day free trial you can only chose one book, but that one book is yours and yours to keep. That's right! Unlike other subscription services Entitle Books allows you to keep your downloaded free trial book even after you cancel.

Entitle Books is also available on E-ink devices so if you own one of those then you are in luck.

Reading It The 100% Free Way!

The following suggestions are absolutely 100% freeā€”no trials involved.

Pulse It

Screenshot Of PulseIt Hompage
Screenshot Of PulseIt Hompage | Source

Want to learn a bit more? Check out this review from a fellow Pulseit user!

Sixth is Simon and Schuster's Pulse It.

If you're not into blogging and posting reviews in order to read books for free before they are released you can sign up for Pulse it. Pulse it is a social book community for teens 14-18 who are book lovers. Meaning that most of the books listed at Pulse It for free are for kids/teens.

At Pulse It not only can you read books online, but you can review the recent books that you have read, and have book discussions with the friendly users of the community. So how does this all work? You are given choices between 4 upcoming books in your "my home" tab and are allowed to read them all for free online.

Edit: Now through the updated version of the site you are now given only two choices, but many excerpts of the books are also available.

You do not have to pay any sort of fee, or download any special software--the only thing you need is a stable Internet connection. You also do not have to bother with memorizing which page you left off as Pulse It automatically saves the last page that you left off when reading, and you can also bookmark the page.

Currently the titles available are If I Lie by Corrine Jackson, Forsaken by Lisa M. Stasse, Mothership (Ever-Expanding Universe #1) by Martin Leicht and Isla Neal, and Changeling by Philippa Gregory.

Edit: The titles available now in the month of February are Flirt: Lessons in Love by A. Destiny & Catherine Hapka, and Flirt: Never Too Late by A. Destiny & Rhonda Helms

What's the catch? You can only read two books at a time, but you are given a 30-60 day time frame to finish the books.

These books are a one time deal--once they posted to read for free during a certain month you will never again see them re-offered as a free read so sign up at Pulse It quickly before they're gone.

Random Buzzers

Random Buzzers Is Now Closed.

Random Buzzers no longer exists as it has teamed up with a cool Teen Writing Site called "Figment"

Have You Ever Heard of Random Buzzers?

See results

Seventh on top is Random Buzzers. (CLOSED)

Random Buzzers is a teen book community where you can earn "Buzz Bucks." You can earn "Buzz Bucks" by rating and reviewing books, writing poetry, sharing stories, photos and videos, and much more.

You can also earn "Buzz Bucks" by participating in several activities such as posting quizzes, polls, and surveys. You can share answers pertaining to a certain topic, and voting.

Inviting friends can also contribute to gaining more "Buzz Bucks" as for every new member who joins Random Buzzers through your invitation link will probably boost your earnings a lot more. Once you've earned enough "Buzz Bucks" you can redeem them for items available at the Random Buzzers store such as books, posters, and more goodies.

Though that is only one way to get your free readable books. What I really like about Random Buzzers though is that every Friday they have ARC giveaways which allows you a chance to win and have the latest ARCs (Advance Reader Copies: a book that is to be released at a later date--which means you can be one of the first people to read one of the newest novels before anyone else) by participating in and entering the contest.

The more active you are in the community the greater your chances of winning the ARC giveaways. Make sure you fill in your profile with your correct shipping information so that Random Buzzers can ship your items to you.


Last, but definitely not least is Amazon

Yes, it is possible to read young adult ebooks for free at, but you'll have to be quick about it since they only last for a limited time. To get started you would need a few things like:

  • An Amazon Account
  • Kindle for PC (this isn't needed if you have an actual Kindle)

All the ebooks that you see in the screenshot above were the ebooks I downloaded for free (100% at no cost to me) at Amazon, and synced to my Kindle ebook library for the purpose of this article. So how do you get free Y.A. ebooks at amazon? It's actually extremely simple. All you have to do is the following:

  1. Go to the search bar
  2. Select Kindle Store as your Category
  3. Type: "Free Teen Books"
  4. Browse through the selection, and choose the books you want

The selection in this section isn't as massive (not even close) compared to the other ebook services listed here, but this method is by far the easiest way to get your ebooks for free. Now keep in mind that Amazon's search is using keywords so not every single book listed is exactly a "young adult book." It could list free adult books just, because of the word "free" in your search. To avoid this you can simplify your search to "Free YA Books" just to be a little bit more specific.

When ordering these books you will have "1-click ordering" enabled so be very careful, and make sure the book you have picked says "$0.00."

There are some books listed under this search that are by no means free. Take this for example:

With 1-click ordering enabled do not go crazy, and start ordering every book listed or else it will spell out your doom. There is no "confirm your order" or any type of safety net so pay attention to the price, and make sure it says "$0.00."

Your thoughts on Amazon

Did you know about searching "Free Teen Books" on amazon?

See results

For Those who like to listen to Audio books:

Are Audiobooks your thing? Then this one's for you...


Screenshot of Audiobooks Website
Screenshot of Audiobooks Website | Source

What is

Sample Audiobooks yourself:

Your thoughts on books

Which do You like better?

See results

You can sign up for, and request a free 7-day trial. You will be able to listen to an unlimited amount of books for free during your free trial.

There is a large selection of New audio books to choose from at ranging from crime to romance, to science fiction, and nonfiction.

If you would like to continue to listen to unlimited books each month you can pay $27.00 monthly until you choose to cancel your trial.

Otherwise you can just listen to the books for the duration of your trial and cancel on the seventh day so that you do not get charged.


Screenshot from Audible
Screenshot from Audible | Source

You can also sign up for a free 30 day trial of if you haven't done so. You start off with 1 free credit so that you can download an audio book (one audio book only) for FREE no matter what the cost.

You are allowed to listen to the audio books online--you do not really have to download them. Audible is part of Amazon, so you can sign up using your account even though it is optional.

If you do not want to continue on with after your 30 day trial you can simply cancel it by going to your account. If you do want to continue on with a trial your credit/debit card will be charged $14.00 a month until you choose to cancel it.

Take A Breather!

Relax, and just breathe. You've Read Too Much! Go out, and play some games or something.

Or if you still hadn't had enough: Check Out These Cool Books

Do You Have Any Suggestions?

Do you have any suggestions on how to read YA books for free (the legal way that is)? Leave them in the comments below.


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    • Kennedi Brown profile image

      Kennedi Brown 

      4 years ago from Richlands, Virginia

      I have a subscription to Kindle Unlimited myself, that way I can get them on my old fashioned (I know) Kindle Paperwhite. That was the main thing keeping me away from Oyster and Scribd--I needed at the very least a Kindle Fire tablet.

      I've only had Unlimited for three days and I've already almost gone into a book coma!


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