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How To Keep From Sounding Stupid

Updated on March 17, 2016

There are sensitive issues out in the world. And we, the people, discuss these things and agree or disagree.

However, there are people in the world that go ape-crazy-perturbed over a discussion and sound like they took stupid pills.

Take for instance the statement, "I do not believe in love or destiny, there is no such thing."

Also, the statement, "I do not believe everyone, even of the cloth, that claims God told them to do something."

These topics not only require an open mind, but consist of a personal opinion. One could have long discussion agreeing or disagreeing. But then, you get the individual that is hyperventilating, about to cry, and spewing out nonsense while disagreeing.

There is the notion that people should think before they speak, but the problem is they overeacte when they disagree. The words that are usually spewed, quite possibly repeating the statement, talking irrationally, and without consideration to the point, makes one sound like a very stupid person.

There is an underlying interference. This interference ruins the words that comes from many mouths. And so, this mini-article will help people not sound so very very very annoyingly stupid.


Problem To Causing One To Sound Stupid: Your Emotions

Emotions are the reasons why people sound stupid in response to a statement or opinion spoken by someone else.

All opinions about issues require an open mind, and many people do not have one. Therefore, when someone without an open mind responds to a statement with anger, hostility, extreme love, and so forth, they can sound very stupid.

When emotions take over with regards to responses, it pushes people to feel angry, betrayed, violated, as if they are being insulted, and so forth. Because of their heightened emotion, people can respond with the utmost stupidity. Thus, people tend to sound as if they are very stupid.


Cure To One Sounding Stupid: Control Your Emotions

Only by controlling your emotions can you refrain from sounding stupid. To conquer your emotions all you simply have to do is stop taking what people say entirely too personally. The person would have to stop taking differing opinions entirely too seriously.

Realize a different opinion is not an attack on you. Their opinions do not mean you have to change your mind. Their opinions do not mean that you have accepted what they believe or think if you do not explode and curse them in some way.

Overall, you will not die because their opinion is different from yours.

The emotions that need to be controlled and not exaggerated include nervousness, anxiousness, sympathy, guilt, fear, love, devotion, and so forth.

Remember to control all emotions when having a normal conversation with someone or when voicing an opinion. And this can be done, by simply not taking what they say personally, which will help you control your emotions, which will also keep from you from sounding stupid.

Last Note

99% of the people in this world disagree on many differing subjects, issues, and ordeals. This is okay, and very normal.

This would be an alien, or very weird, society if we all agreed all the time on everything. It would also be incredibly boring.

When one wants to have a meaningful conversation, remember to keep an open mind, and do not let your emotions control you.

Taking things too personally can be destructive and devastating to relationships, even social ones.

And also, letting your emotions control you can make you sound stupid.


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