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How To Respond To A Break-Up By Text Message

Updated on September 2, 2017

So, your boyfriend or girlfriend broke up with you. And not in a decent setting, like at convenient place to meet-up and discuss the relationship, or a walk in your favorite park, or by a conversation in a semi-vacant setting. Your significant other used a text message to break-up with you. They broke up with you by sending a text message to your phone.

So many are struck by questions, by shock, by outright horror, or embarrassment and confusion. These feelings are easy to fall into, but what's worst are the actions or decisions one could make after the text, spiraling them down into a world of depression or worse.

Well, thank goodness I'm here to give life-long advice that will benefit you if this should ever happen to you.

Follow these simple steps, do it quickly, so you don't and can't change your mind and ruin a great move.

1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - Do Not Respond - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1

If someone breaks up with you by text message; do not respond or reply at all. Delete their phone number from your phone or mobile devices. Destroy all things that have their phone number and contact information in them or on them. Delete the text, and change your phone number. Get rid of all their pictures and your pictures with them.

Yes, you are essentially erasing them. They will not exist to you.


Reason #1

The first reason why you are doing this is because there's really no reason to hold on to them. They are not the end of your life or world. Not only did they break your heart, but they did it abruptly and inconsiderately.

Reason #2

The second reason why you are doing this is because you don't need to be chasing them. You could waste months of your precious free single life and miss out on a dream-mate because you're chasing them.

You will waste months finding out everything from why they did it, to who they're with now, about this person, why they're better, why you weren't good enough, with all their morbid reasons and explanations, just to have to do the only thing you can do which is MOVE ON.

So, why not go ahead and move on? Why wait?


Last Reason

The last reason why is because you don't ever, EVER, need to allow them to come back. You need for them to be gone and stay gone.

They are childish, insensitive, inconsiderate, simple-minded individuals who were never serious about having a relationship, and a huge mistake. All your memories of this mistake need to go away, and stay away, with the mistake.

You still have a life to live, people to love, and empty space to fill up. By all means, live single, free, and fill up that empty space with someone who's much better.


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    • SonQuioey10 profile image

      Toni Northern 18 months ago from Williamston NC

      LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! Sorry....jeez... Ignore to gain confidence? When the text message is sent that is the beginning of the game. In this case the person who receives the message should not allow PLAY the game. If you don't want a relationship, you just don't and you've just ended it. Stand behind your decision.

      And also, Thanks for Reading....

    • profile image

      klg 18 months ago

      Imo regardless of how a person ends it, a response should naturally be given. If a dumpee won't reply i assume they glad i end it and they never cared. If u truly cared or love someone pride and ego wont prevent u from responding. Ignoring it to gain confidence or to.get back at the ex is a game..