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How To Respond To A Bully

Updated on February 19, 2017

I loved horror movies. Before my first physical bullying incident in kindergarten, I had recently watched a movie called The Damien and the Omen.

There was this scene where the girl who was the Damien, a demon spawn, was punched in the face by a boy. In return she took the blow, it pushing her head to the right and making her lip spurt blood. She then looked back at this little bully with the most blood-curdling and wicked grin. It gave me chills. It said, "good, continue being this horrible stupid little jerk so when you die you burn in hell."

Well, one day in the back of the room where our booksacks hung, a kid approached me and threatened me. The kid didn't like me. The kid eventually hit me, and without even thinking about it, I took the blow and looked at him the same way I saw on that movie.

Needless to say, nobody put their hands on me again. They said whatever, but never touched me again.

I don't expect kids or teens to behave like me. However, I do expect kids and teens to be as smart or smarter than me. These are considered to be the most extreme, but they would definitely work. Check out these bullies and my strategies.

And no, this advice is not for the quitters.


The Insult Bully

This is the most tiresome and annoying bully you ever want to have listen to and go anywhere around.

They are the constant obnoxious and annoying fly in and around your ear.

The first thing that comes to mind is if they would please screw off, go away, leave you alone, and so forth, so life would be all sunshine and rainbows.

But, they usually don't do that. And here is what you must do in order for them to go away; nothing. Don't do anything. IGNORE THEM. There is a cause and effect here.

As long as you feel something about what they are saying, then they stay around you bothering you.

If you ignore them, their effect causes no reactions from you that they or others can laugh at or celebrate over in glee from your pain or humiliation, and overtime, they just go away.

Also, overall just ignore people who insult you. How do you ignore them? Simple, you have a life.

You have pursuits. You have some kind of interests, hobbies, sports, competitions, and so forth.

If not, then go after them, cling to them, practice them, follow them, engulf yourself with you, because this is part of having fun while living your life.

And the bullies, they will disappear without even being gone. They will be replaced by everything you want to do, are trying to do, or are doing.


The Sexual Harassing Bully

Some girls and guys flirt by sneaking a pinch or grab or two. It is all too common.

However, some girls do not like being touched by guys. Some guys do not like being grabbed on by girls. This is a type of bullying because it can become aggressive, and it humiliates some people.

If you do not want this type of touching to happen, all you need to do is expose the persons.

Tell the teacher, if that doesn't stop it, tell the principal, if that doesn't stop it, tell the world on social media, and if that doesn't charges, and a lawsuit wouldn't hurt also.

The lawsuit is only in the event that the police report you filed that determines the yards they are supposed to keep away from you are ignored.

Don't be afraid to take it to the next level. The lawsuit is for everyone, the young, middle-aged, and old. I wish I had known what I knew today, I would have been a millionaire before the 9th grade.

This is the full-proof way to stop someone from doing something inappropriate to you. This way, attention is called to their parents.

This way their parents will acknowledge their bullying and work at making it stop.


The Sinister Bully

Now, this is a tricky one.

This is the sneaky abrupt boundary-breaking bully that will go after anyone for devious reasons.

This is the one that abruptly touches you, your stuff, your pictures if they are online or that they got from the phone they stole from you.

They expose your texts and relationships. They try to look down your shirts or up your dresses or walk into locker rooms to see you naked. They have no respect for your boundaries.

They aim for humiliating other peers, and they even embrace the art of the liar to get this. This lying can involve copying and pasting your face onto inappropriate pictures or animals.

This bully usually operates as the devil's advocate. They expose themselves by the horrible or humiliating deeds they inflict upon your peers.

If you laugh with them, you let your guard down and this sinister can inflict the same bullying upon you.

However, if you are not laughing, you are observant of yourself, your things, the things you do in their vicinity or when they are around, and you will not ever let yourself get got by the Sinister Bully.

Overall, just realize these are the most depressed bullies in the world.

They have a life but no life. They have good looks but are repulsive. They look like they will always be on top but are always going to be scraping the bottom. They are the most miserable bullies, and as a liar would, will definitely deny it.

Feel pity for them. This doesn't mean TRUST them, no, or be understanding, there is no excuse for this behavior.

This just means watch your back, watch your stuff, leave them to themselves, and continue with your life's ambitions.


The Threatening Bully

Here is another all too annoying with aggravation bully. They are always threatening you in some way.

They usually say they are going to hit you, punch you, knock you out, choke you, kill you, beat you to death, and so forth.

Threaten, this is what they do. This is ALL they do.


Truthfully, they are not going to do anything to you. They are all talk and no bite.

They just want to get under your skin so you can react in a way in that may harm, hurt, or humiliate you.

I know how threats are. If you let them, they can begin to make you feel afraid and overly cautious. They can turn into mental torment.

Well, I am telling you they are not going to do anything to you.

Also, you must remember the reason why they threaten. It is one or two of these three things.

These bullies are either jealous of you, a straight hater, or in love with you.

If they give you attention every single time they see you, they are feeling one of these things.

With these bullies, you must ignore them. If they touch you or hit you, then you may need to pounce on them and take the suspension. Overall, defend yourself.

However, if its a punch and that's that or you are hit with something, if you feel you do not want to fight, pressing charges and the lawsuit is always the a very special option.

Overall, what they say does not matter, what they do definitely does.


The Physical Bully

This is the most common bully.

They are the ones that just have to touch somebody. They are the ones that have to put their hands on someone. If not their hands, then they have to put some thing on somebody.

These are the bullies that leave bruises and marks by being violent in some way. They tend to enjoy treating other people and animals like punching bags.

If you tell the teachers and they don't make it stop, if you tell the principal and they don't make it stop, and if you tell your parents to tell their parents and their parents don't make it stop; there are three ways to deal with these types of bullies.

  • Fighting Lessons. Learn shadow boxing, kick boxing, or just boxing. These techniques can seriously damage people. That person will not be able to get anywhere near you to do any real harm after you tag them in the head and face a hundred times.
  • Press Charges. Make law enforcement officials demand that they stay away from you.
  • Lawsuit. I guarantee that their parents having to come out of their pockets to pay for any medical or psychologically traumatic bills you have will make it stop. If you have urine sprayed on you; call a lawyer. If you have your clothes stolen and you were humiliated; call two lawyers. If you get beaten and bruised-up, hire a board of lawyers.

Overall, do what yo must to protect yourself at school (students) or elsewhere (adults).

Last Note

These suggestions are not just to be a little humorous, they are very serious. This advice aims to let you now that no matter who you are, you can and have to stand up to a bully.

If you have to stand up alone, then do that for your own benefits. Bullying is very personally and mentally challenging and can be very damaging and deadly.

Most people will scoff as this advice, but I would rather see an individual take this advice than to get a gun and shoot the bully, the people that laughed, and the people that did nothing.

Overall, this mini-article advises you to respond to a bully in various ways. Do not let anyone take your pride, life, and peace of mind away anywhere, especially not in the annoyance of school.


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