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How To Self Publish A Book Online

Updated on September 12, 2013

To self publish a book, you'll want to do a lot of planning before going out there and actually doing this. Before you self publish your book, consider your competition, how many paper backs you intend to have, and design. Publishing your own book after writing it isn't a hard task. You just need to know where to look for supplies and cover designers. Not too mention obtaining an ISBN.

Things you will need

  • ISBN for your book
  • Effective Marketing Skills
  • A Printing Company

Step 1: Goal Planning

Make up a goal for what you really have in plan for your book. For example, if your trying to sell at least 200 copies a month - you'll need to do some serious marketing. Start out small and try 100 copies monthly. You'll want to do this just in case your book doesn't sell as many copies as you think it would. But, on the other hand you could go for bulk pricing for printing many of them. There are certain things you can do besides just selling paper copies. Publishing your own book and selling online is definitely an option.

Step 2: Getting your ISBN Number

Getting an ISBN number is very important if you want to self publish your book. This stands for "International standard Book Number" which is used to find registered books. Visit or you can also go to On the ISBN-US site, you can get one ISBN for only $55 which is a great deal. If you plan to publish five of your books, you can get them all their own umbers for $185. Basically, if you purchase more of them your likely to get bulk pricing.

Step 3: Finding a printing company

Publishing your own book means you need to get many copies printed. 20 to 600 copies are available for only a couple hundred. Some of the most popular book publishing companies is Book1one and Lulu. Another place is DiggyPod which you can get books at only $3 each.

Where do you plan on publishing your book?

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Step 4: Create your book with a PDF

However, if you are tough on cash you can always begin online. Create your book using a PDF document. You can then sign up for Amazon Kindle and upload your book online. Every day, thousands of visitors flock across Amazon and quite a few people will see your book. To do this, visit Amazon and go to "Digital Text Platform Site". Choose the "Sign up" button and provide all your needed details. Once your account is confirmed, visit the "My Shelf" tab from your Dashboard. From here you can add a new item.

Step 6: Uploading your book

Once you self publish a book, uploading your books is fun and easy to do online. With Amazon's editor, you can add book details and place keywords. Even begin uploading your book cover graphics from the editor as well. Once your finished, choose Save to continue. You'll be prompted to set a price for your book which could range from $1 to $200. For all books on Amazon, you'll be receiving 35% of the sale.


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