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How to Shake Writer's Block: 144 Ideas of What to Write About for Content Creators

Updated on August 19, 2019

If you are a writer on Hubpages or another content site for writers it can be hard sometimes to know what to write about. You open the website, see a blank page and get lost in the possibilities. Sometimes there are too many ideas to focus and sometimes nothing comes to mind and you have no idea where to start. Here are 144 ideas of topics you can write about or at least to get you started.

  1. Video Game Reviews
  2. Movie Reviews
  3. Television Reviews
  4. Spots To Visit In Your City
  5. Recipes
  6. Restaurant Reviews
  7. Top 10 Lists
  8. How To Guides For Computer Software
  9. How To Guides For Computer Hardware
  10. Video Game Tips
  11. Dating Advice
  12. Short Stories
  13. Flash Fiction
  14. Poetry
  15. Where To Get Starting On An Ebook
  16. How To Guide On SEO
  17. How To Guide On Publishing
  18. Sporting Event Write-Ups
  19. Esports Write-Ups
  20. Personal Funny Stories
  21. Crafting
  22. Knitting
  23. How To Edit A Video
  24. Advice On Social Media
  25. How To Drive Organic Traffic To A Site
  26. How To Promote A Site
  27. Tips On How To Live Stream
  28. How To Perform Magic Tricks
  29. How To Lose Weight
  30. Good Foods To Eat On A Diet
  31. How To Code
  32. How To Excel In Web Design
  33. Music Reviews
  34. Great Bands You Might Not Have Heard Of
  35. How To Draw Anime
  36. How To Play An Instrument
  37. Photography Tips
  38. Sculpting Tips
  39. Gardening Know How
  40. Tales From Your Work Experience
  41. How To Do Well In College/University
  42. Make Money Online
  43. Great Cartoons To Watch
  44. How To Save Money
  45. How To Invest
  46. Fashion Advice
  47. Funny Jokes
  48. Countries You Need To Visit
  49. How To Save Money Online
  50. How To Save Money Shopping
  51. Shoes
  52. Cool Tech To Buy
  53. Retro Game Articles
  54. History
  55. Art History
  56. Different Art Terminology
  57. Computer Lingo
  58. Board Games You Need To Try
  59. Recycling Tips
  60. Ecommerce Tips
  61. How To Sell Your Items On Amazon
  62. How To Do Well On Hubpages
  63. Hair Styling Tips
  64. Nail Painting Tips
  65. How To Treat Yourself
  66. How To Manage Your Time
  67. The Power Of Compound Interest
  69. Literary Reviews
  70. Books That Made Good Movies
  71. Books I Wish Were Movies
  72. Great Deals Online
  73. How To Edit A Photo
  74. Smart Phone Reviews
  75. Video Game Console Reviews
  76. Tips On How To Decorate Your Home
  77. Story On How You Bought Your First Place
  78. Living In A Condo Vs Living In A House
  79. What Is It Like To Move To Another Country
  80. Trails You Need To Hike On
  81. Desserts!
  82. Things That Make You Smile
  83. How To Do Well On Youtube
  84. How To Write A Good Profile For A Dating App
  85. Apps That You Need To Check Out
  86. What In The World Is A Blockchain
  87. Why Is Cryptocurrency Worth Anything?
  88. What Is Mining?
  89. Singing Advice
  90. How To Dance For Professionals
  91. How To Dance For Beginners
  92. How To Get By On The Dance Floor When You Have Two Left Feet
  93. Where To Take A Date
  94. Rules Of A Sport
  95. World Records
  96. Where To Go On A Friday Night
  97. Exercise To Gain Muscle
  98. Bowling Tips
  99. How To Golf Like a Pro
  100. How To Throw The Perfect Spiral
  101. How To Start A Business
  102. The Costs Of Starting A Business You Might Not Know About
  103. How To Open A Bank Account For The First Time
  104. How To Make New Friends
  105. Motivational Articles
  106. Advice On Teaching
  107. How To Be A Good Coach
  108. How To Improve Your Memory
  109. Photography Based On A Theme With Description
  110. DIY
  111. Explaining The Process Of Your Art
  112. Lifehacks
  113. How To Look Like You Know What You Are Doing At The Gym
  114. Things In A Video Game You Might Have Missed
  115. How To Edit A Novel
  116. How To Protect Your Phone
  117. How To Cut Back On Data
  118. Animals
  119. Cars
  120. Parks
  121. Anything To Do With Science
  122. Thesis Papers
  123. Great Sites For Commercial Free Photos
  124. How To Write A Good SEO Title
  125. How To Use Hubpages
  126. Twitter For beginners
  127. Facebook For Newbies
  128. Instagram For Starters
  129. Landmarks
  130. Space
  131. Tips Of Drinks To Make
  132. How Much Should I Tip
  133. Yoga
  134. Stretching Before A Workout
  135. Architecture
  136. City Design
  137. The Crypto Market
  138. The Stock Market
  139. Comic Books
  140. Arcades And How To Win Tickets For Prizes
  141. Grammar And Sentence Structure
  142. Words That Are Interesting That You May Never Have Heard Of
  143. How To Win In A Card Or Board Game
  144. A List Of What To Write About Like This One

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    • Carolyn M Fields profile image

      Carolyn Fields 

      9 months ago from South Dakota, USA

      This is an excellent list. Thanks!


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