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How To Start A Comic Book Collection With Little Money

Updated on October 15, 2014

How To Start A Comic Book Collection With Little Money

Collecting comic books is a hobby that a lot of people want to get into, but they have no idea how to start. It is not as complicated as you may think; there are just a few things that you have to take into consideration if you are a collector and not just a reader. Here are some quick tips.


The point of collecting anything really, is to enjoy your hobby. The first recommendation is that you get familiar with the characters. Look at the ones that really get your attention and read their stories so that you are sure that the character is something that you want more of. The good news is that there are literally thousands of characters out there that you could look into from several different companies.


The characters are not enough. The stories that you find in comics can be very engaging and some people still think of them as children’s books. Nothing can be further than the truth; while some comic books are designed for kids, others are very much for mature audiences. Some of those stories have even been called literary masterpieces, so find the type of stories that you want to read. There are funny stories, children’s stories, horror, action, dramas, superheroes etc. There is a niche out there being produced for fans just like you.

What You Want To Collect

Of course you may not be interested in stories as much as you are interested in events. One example would be if you are looking for the first appearance of different characters. As mentioned before there are thousands of characters and that means that there are thousands of first appearances. While some of those appearances are expensive (Superman, Batman, Spider-Man etc.) you can also find plenty of first appearances that are very affordable.

The main characters in comics tend to have the more expensive first appearance. You will also notice that even some minor characters can have their first comic book appearance skyrocket the moment that it is announced that they will be in a movie or when they gain popularity.

The best example of that phenomenon that you can see in recent times is the first appearance of the Guardians of the Galaxy. The Guardians of the Galaxy team made its debut on Marvel Super-Heroes #18. None of the characters in the movie were in the original team, and yet because that is the first Guardians of the galaxy team appearance the comic book went from roughly $8 to $10 USD to in some cases hundreds of dollars.

The point is that you should not think that a character is too obscure for a first appearance; Not many people knew the Guardians of the Galaxy movie and yet as soon as the announcement of their movie was made, the demand went up and so did the price. A comic book that you buy for $5 today may be worth $50 in a year or even reach prices that would not be affordable later. If you do not have much money then start with the cheap books and treasure them.

You can also collect specific events like character's deaths, important objects or storylines.

Check Out Auctions

You will love comic book auctions and not necessarily the ones done by Heritage. You can find comics on eBay and pay very little for a book that would be triple the amount you would pay at your local comic book store. You can also find almost any book that you could think of if you go to an auction or bid online. The only thing you have to remember with auctions is that you do not want to pay too much. If you are not able to get a book that is within your budget this time, try again later. Patience is the name of the game when you are collecting comic books on a budget.

Flea Markets and Garage Sales

A lot of people do not realize that comic books are valuable. They just want to make a quick buck and that is your opportunity. You should see the gems that some people have found at a garage sale or flea market. Get familiar with the books that you are looking for and head to those events. You are likely to pay little money and get some really good books. Just keep in mind that some people also think that their comics are worth more than they are so check the prices on an internet guide if you are not sure.

Stick To Your Budget

This is the most important thing that you can do when you do not have much money to buy comics. Set a number that will be your budget, and be realistic about it. You may see a great deal out there, but if it is more than you can pay then you should really not go past it. Comic book collecting should be fun and not a reason to go hungry. Start by collecting within your means and you will be a happy collector.

© 2014 Sarah


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    • Availiasvision profile image

      Jennifer Arnett 3 years ago from California

      Welcome to HubPages! All of the DC and marvel movies have sparked interest in comics for a whole new generation. It's always interesting to see how different the comics are from the movies.

      Great job with adding pictures and headlines to your topical paragraphs. Just add a source for your pics, a few amazon capsules, maybe a poll or a video, and you'll look like a HubPages Pro.

      My best advice is to get involved in this community. Ask questions, join the forums, and comment other people's hubs. Before you know it, you'll have tons of readers, eager to enjoy your content.

    • Austinstar profile image

      Lela 3 years ago from Somewhere in the universe

      Excellent first hub! Easy to read and understand. You will need to source your photos here on HP. They really frown on photos without credits. But if they are your own photos, you really won't have a problem with that.

      Don't forget to use the poll and quiz capsules! They encourage viewer interaction.

      Also, if you can, you might want to list one or two comic books available at Amazon or eBay and talk about why they are important comic books. Just do one at a time, though.

      I really like the Flea Market section! And anything "How To" does well here.