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How To Tell Whether A Person Is Crazy

Updated on May 1, 2016

Take a look at your stance in life, a small look around yourself. When you are in public, on the go, even at work, some of you are standing or sitting in a place full of strangers or filled with people you don’t know.

One can never tell what that person is thinking or feeling. One could never know what is going on in their minds even while you are having a conversation with them.

And it is because of this, that this micro-article has been created. Here is a definite way to tell one of the most crucial and important thing about a person, whether they are crazy.

About that comment, my hub, 7 Reasons Why The Wizard Of Oz Is Creepy, is a regular hit. People love to read it; they think it is funny, of course. They think it is amusing, of course. They think it is different, certainly, but someone did not think these normal things.

Someone thought something totally different. A person wrote a comment that said, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE, THIS IS A KID’S MOVIE; ARE YOU HIGH?


The Notion of Crazy

It is in the days following that comment that the word crazy comes along. Sure everyone knows what parodies are, how they are written, and the fun they are supposed to bring. Well, some people do not.

The notion of a crazy person, or crazy, comes from what this person is saying, and the spark is their emotion. Their emotion gives them away. You can actually see the crazy in them.

Because of emotion, this person is actually saying that my micro-article (contemporary humor and parody-like) 7 Reasons Why The Wizard Of Oz Is Creepy, is a serious article that brings a real issue. My words about this movie will ruin someone’s life, people’s minds, kids, who will more than likely never ever EVER read anything from this adult site.

This person said something that expresses how serious and real, whatever the issue is, regarding my micro-article. And because of this seriousness in their minds about something that is not serious or real, thus you have a crazy person. If they turn their words into weird actions like flagging or threats of violence, they have just gone psycho.

So, how do we point out the crazy people?


How To Tell Whether Someone is Crazy

Simple, say for instance you are talking to or amongst strangers, and you make a joke about the previous Lunar Eclipse being a sign of the end of times or something to this nature.

A lot, or several people, will laugh and nod or smile. Some people may not pay any attention at all. Overall, everything is fine; it is a normal peaceful setting.

But within this peace, the crazy in the group will be upset, or maybe they will be saddened and cry, or maybe they will give you the evil eye and hiss an angry or cold remark. At this obvious joke, they would probably fuss, cuss, scream, shout, or talk angrily at you, or maybe, they will try to convince you that YOU are crazy. Overall, this person is nuts.

This person has taken something not serious, the lunar eclipse, that of course is not the blood red color depicted in Revelations, but orange, or the only symbol in Revelations we should be concerned about, and turned it into an argument of some sort, and quite possibly questioned your mental stability when THEIR mental stability is the issue.

This person is crazy and borderline to psycho. To be psychotic there has to be violence, stalking, and harassment from them. Encouragements of horrible days and curses or whatever fit into this category also.

Last Note

We write on HubPages for the love of sharing information of some kind. We write because we love to write. We write to make people laugh and smile, or to help someone understand or learn some one thing or two.

Either way, an opinion is an opinion, an idea is an idea, and this is a universal concept no matter where you go.

So to all the people that overreact to information or opinions you read in blogs, articles, books, or anything else, lighten up; for goodness sakes; stop acting crazy.


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    • SonQuioey10 profile image

      Toni Northern 2 years ago from Williamston NC

      Thanks for reading Maria Cecilia, and thanks for sharing your experience. Yes, he was not only out of line, but it sounds like he was speaking from another planet or galaxy and with some type of animosity. Weird. There is always one person that just needs to be the rain during the parade, or the thunderstorm at the cookout.

      And yes, he does have crazy inside of him. TFR.

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 2 years ago from Philippines

      Quite understand you, in a different situation, this is my story, i have this group that loves to laugh at things and even we are all adults I talked to them about one guy that i like or have a crush with like a teenager and we enjoyed joking about it.. Then one member of the group seriously asked, why do you always like married men? And i found it out of the line because we were all having fun and here he was with a serious question like a party pooper.... I guess he is also crazyinside of him...

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