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How To Use Your Spare Time Profitably To Aid Your Success

Updated on December 11, 2016

‘’Waste of time is the most extravagant of all expenses’’ –Theoprastus

‘’A man who know how to make the most of his time make the most of himself’’ – Maltz

When you are unemployed, finding things to do with your time can be one of the most difficult things you face. Regular employment normally takes majority of one’s time all day, while leisure activities and household jobs are done in the evenings and weekends. But, in time of unemployment, this backbone of crowded work schedules is missing and one has to contend with unlimited spare time. You may then come to an expected standstill-you have endless time to accomplish many things, yet you have nothing doing!

You should learn to overcome this emotional crisis by planning what to do each day with your time, and following it. This takes a lot of mental effort and you should develop enough will to undertake the effort.

There is no end to what you can do in your spare time, activities that can cheer up your day and isolated life. It takes time to think out something, but somehow, a decision has to be taken to do something to offset the daily mental worries of being unemployed.


Here are a few suggestions on what you may think about in your time of non-employment. There activities will not only build you up emotionally and psychologically, they’ll also earn you fantastic financial rewards if you play your card well.

  1. 1. Beef Up Your Credentials

One of the most important activities in which you can engage yourself is to develop and follow a scheme for personal development. In other word, read and educate yourself and again new skills. This means a lot more than just college or university education, but practical, marketable skills which can be acquired in vocational school or through self-teaching efforts. What this means is that you have to show ambition and self-improvement so that you can be a useable product in the market of life. You must, endeavor to build up your qualifications and gain new skills to make yourself potentially saleable. To disregard this preparation, to be a drop out, is like ‘come to the market place empty-handed and wanting to make a sale and yet having nothing to offer’!

If you have willfully neglected to prepare yourself, and even when you do find employment, the level of compensation will be so low that it will almost look like receiving charity from the employer. A person who allows himself to remain static, who does not acquire further education or training, will find that he is no longer competitive in the market of life. So, the single wisest and acquire knowledge in specialized field to increase your inventory of saleable assets so that you can be in a strong bargaining position.

You should never mentally rest, nor coast along in the sea of life. Read and educate yourself. If you sincerely desire to position roe the challenges that life offers, than you need to broaden your horizon. Groom yourself to become a total man by reading newspapers and magazines and book on various subject. Listen to new reports on the radio and television. Attend seminars, workshops and conference. Improve your grammar and writing skills. Read book on various subjects. Take profession courses. As Chief Obafemi Awolowo say, ‘’know everything about something and know something about everything’’.

2. Learn New Trades

Your period of unemployment could be used as an opportunity for to new trades that are unrelated to your present skills. Instead of scowling at home, get out and article yourself to some professional around your home. Tailoring, barbing, carpentry, screen printing, computer engineering, mobile phone repairing and other vocation are suitable pastimes that you can convert to money spinning ventures at some future time.

To be continue


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