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How To Vote

Updated on March 9, 2016

We have interesting candidates on the campaign trail this 2016.

There are a lot of people that are voting very interestingly. There is a very weird favoritism today.

Well, I am here to help the majority vote. It is not because people are incapable. It is not because anyone is stupid, especially when you know the definition of the word stupid.

This is only because a lot of people need some guidance today.

Voting smartly is about being truly honest with yourself and understanding several truths.

I know it feels great to see at a tough-looking candidate that looks like they will be the Head Lion in the House of Lions.

However, it is still way too far-fetched to think it will be easy to be the Head Lion.

So here is my tiny advice, and best of all, it is short and easy.


First Things First: Recognize The Truth

How a person votes involves paying attention to everything that the candidate is saying. This encompasses everything that the candidate says, has done, promises, say they will do, have not done, and everything they plan to do. What they say, their character, and their actions mean everything.

Having said this....the truth is only a friendly reminder.

The truth is we have a balanced government. Senate, house, and congressional cooperation and agreements depend on the passing of policies.

Pushing a policy to happen will not happen without a majority of the votes in consideration for an issue, such as gun control.

Nobody is going to just make policies pass overnight. There are a lot of agendas and issues in the government among all representatives.

Overall, the candidates that become President need strong favoritism, if not that, then respect among the parties.

The candidates also need strong strategies that do not just benefit them. They need to give also. No candidate stands alone. Their parties back them, or are supposed to.

Overall, things work and happen through cooperation and unified goals. If there are too many differing agendas, then the public will find itself fixing its own problems.


Second: The Candidate That You Should Not To Vote For

  • If a person has no clear and concise social, environmental, economical or financial agenda that is cohesive, they are automatically out. There is no need to vote for someone who is going after something with no plan and strategy. There is no reason to vote for somebody who is going after nothing also.
  • Do not vote for someone that guarantees they will change something. Do not vote for anyone who promises they WILL change something. Again, you know the make-up of the American system. It is balanced and dependent upon majority votes.
  • Never vote for anyone who ignores poverty, you could be living in poverty one day and suffer from it.
  • Never vote for anyone that ignores the fact that we are all dealt different hands in life that lead us down nearly inescapable paths filled with a harder life than others. No one needs to be ignored and stepped over.
  • Never vote for anyone that only talks about the national issues. Remember, stating the problem is very easy, people state them on T.V. everyday. However, stating the solutions are the real challenges.
  • Never vote for anyone who is not familiar or considerate of all Americans and all issues.
  • Never vote for anyone who opts to quickly destroy something to fix a problem.
  • Never vote for anyone that does not recognize that they are being employed by the people as the President of the United States.
  • Never vote for anyone who degrades another even for the pride of the country; it is the way of Adolf Hitler.
  • Never vote for anyone that insults another culture or country. We do not have to agree with other countries, but we do have to respect other countries and our allies. Also, we are not perfect.
  • Never vote for a candidate that will do or say anything for votes.
  • Never vote for a candidate that is inconsistent with their beliefs and agendas.
  • Never vote for a candidate that speaks as if they would be making decisions in terms of handling war and terrorism. This is unfeasible. The candidate once President will become the Commander and Chief. They can declare war, they cannot decide what the battle strategy will be.
  • Never vote for a candidate who can be viewed as entertainment or a showman. The is a very serious job and not to be taken lightly.
  • Never let yourself be distracted from what qualifies a candidate for the position as President by listening to their major consideration for us and how great we are.


Third: The Candidate That Is Safe To Vote For

  • Vote for the consistent candidate. This candidate tells their agenda/s, and explains it over and over again.
  • Vote for the candidate who acknowledges the social, environmental, financial, and economic issues in this country, and offers a moral solution.
  • Vote for the candidate whose agenda is geared towards ending the issue they choose with strong plans.
  • Vote for the candidate that does not make empty promises and who acknowledges all of the conditions of all of the American people.
  • Vote for the candidate that has respect for the American government and the parties. I mean, if they are disrespectful, how are they going to get anything passed.
  • Vote for the realist, the determined, the optimist, and the candidate that respects the other candidates.
  • Vote for the candidate that recognizes the majority of caring voters are the working class, and what they do effects us the most.
  • Vote for the candidates that argue in our best interests and say they will commit to protecting us from legislation that can make living harder.
  • Vote for the candidate that is unafraid to hear the opinions of the public and respects all organizations.
  • Vote for the candidate whose agenda consists of the United States and its people first.
  • Vote for the candidate with moral and sensible solutions to immigration, employment, and healthcare issues.
  • Vote for the candidate that does not compare helping American people or any people to a socialist regime built on destroying America.
  • Especially Vote for the candidate that will give back to the country strong public schools and education.
  • Vote for the candidate that supports renewable energy and science as well as healthcare research.

Last Note: The Candidates

You should vote for a candidate when you understand and agree with the candidate's politcal standing, their agenda, their goals, their plan, and why they want this job. You should vote for a candidate after they convince you that they are ready for this job.

The issues they support and do not support will tell you everything you need to know about them.

Do a little research on how long they have supported their chosen issues or agendas. Weigh your decision on there versatility and persistence.

Because overall, it would be great to have a President that builds a strong administration to take on multiple agendas, and if nothing else, fights to help all Americans by providing the primary means to living that is employment and healthcare in this country.


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    • SonQuioey10 profile image

      Toni Northern 9 months ago from Williamston NC's the near-end of America....TY for reading...

    • jo miller profile image

      Jo Miller 9 months ago from Tennessee

      Good article. Unfortunately, I don't think most people followed your advice.

      What did you think of the way the election turned out.

    • SonQuioey10 profile image

      Toni Northern 18 months ago from Williamston NC

      Thanks @Kathleen Cochran. Yeah, I hope people vote smartly. Some people have already voted. Mostly democrat, which is wise. Good luck to you in your final decision.

    • Kathleen Cochran profile image

      Kathleen Cochran 18 months ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Good guidance. Unfortunately, many folks have already made up their minds for their own reasons and nothing will change them. I've consistently resisted the voice of those who say this country is on the decline. There is too much that is good going on in our country. But this election is about to pull me over to the dark side. Hope good men and women read your hub and vote their conscience.