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How To Write A Book Review

Updated on April 18, 2012

How to write a book review, in a couple simple steps.

Step One: Creating a Title

Choose the title of your book you're reviewing, and write the author. Don't forget to write ' book review'. Set it up so it looks like YOU would read it.


The Past Life by Jordin Springer - Book Review

Step Two: Creating An Introduction

Start with something exciting, something to catch the reader's eye, something to make them wonder about the book, and wonder what's going to happen next. Make it interesting. But, don't make it too long, only a sentance or two! If you make it too long, you'll discourage the reader's intrest!

Step Three: Description

Tell about the book, does it have a plot ? Is there a crisis? ( But, don't tell the solution! ) What are the characters like ? What is the main idea of this book ? Tell some of the story, but don't give away too much detail, leave the reader still interested, and wondering what's next.

Step 4: Who's This Book For ?

Is it a childrens book ? Is it a mystery, only fit for those who can stand murder, and love not knowing what's next? Is it an action-filled story ? Filled with guns, chase scenes and profane language? Explain the genre ! Explain who it'd be suitable for !

Good Luck !


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