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How To Write A Good Scholarship Essay

Updated on August 2, 2010
Wow, a pen that works.
Wow, a pen that works.

The Essay

The first thing is if you are allowed to pick the topic then pick something you like, are interested in, and can write a good amount of information about. I know that a lot of times you do not get to pick your own topic which makes things just a little harder. If it is a research essay then need I say, research it! As you may have heard, this thing called the internet is an insanely good source of information for anything and everything. Most of theses kind of essays have word amount requirements such as 500 words or less. Another one is 1000 words minimum, so it varies depending on scholarship amount, and the organization hosting scholarship. Stay within the word requirements, I would suggest writing 80%-90% of the most words allowed if possible. The last thing about the rules would be to send it in as soon as you can before the deadline because some scholarships only accept the first so many applicants. So you could have the greatest entry in the world but it would count for nothing if they did not receive it in time.

I know this is basic essay writing information but put a lot of effort in your introduction to make it captivating and interesting. It is the most important part of the essay to a lot of people. Next, establish some points for the body of the essay beforehand then make sure they are relevant and strong. State one of your points and elaborate on it a little bit before moving on the next point. If it is a research essay then bibliographies are good to have so the people who review your essay know you are not just writing what you think. You should start writing your conclusion once you have written more than half of the word requirement. Do not simply briefly re-state what you just stated in the body of the essay. Instead, sum up what you said in new and different words just as a last reminder. There are more tips about writing essays on Spark Notes. A few more things: do not misspell words, it is totally avoidable these days with spell check everywhere. Sound confident in what you say, do not say words like "I think" and "I guess."

Writing an essay for a college application or a scholarship shouldn't have to be that hard since most of the time they mainly want to hear about you and what you think. Because you are the one they would be investing their resources or money in. So talk about something interesting that will make your essay from the hundreds, most likely thousands of other applicants. Do not over complicate, say what you feel in a grammatically correct and pleasing way. I entered The Sons of the American Revolution Eagle Scout Scholarship(I happen to be an eagle scout) last year and ended up winning in my district for the essay I wrote about prisoners of war. So it is possible to win a scholarship and I am not just writing about it. Look out for big websites like because there are so many people entering scholarships on that site and you could end up wasting a lot of time there. You might want to check it out though because sometimes they have really specific scholarships that you might have a better chance of winning.

I will post my winning essay below if you are interested. These are my tips on writing a good scholarship essay. Thanks for reading.


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      Hi teenmusicscene,

      Take a look at our real scholarship essays from winning scholars.

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      adorababy 7 years ago from Syracuse, NY

      This is really helpful for those earmarking on a college scholarship.

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      Thanks, I am glad it helped.

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      great its really helpful post