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How To Write A Good Speech, An Idea To Overcome Speech-Phobia

Updated on October 3, 2014

Overcoming Speech-phobia

Overcoming speech-phobia is necessary before you start writing a speech. When you keep yourself at the stage in front of a gathering and feel the situation, the circumstances of being a leader, looking into the eyes of thousand people, then only one write a good speech.

Here are some simple steps to avoid stage or speech fear.

  • Avoid looking into the eyes of one particular individual. This can deviate you from your subject.
  • Look into the gathering moving your head and eyes all around.
  • Do not repeat words, when you forget your lines, just jump to other relevant topic or put some jokes into the speech to relieve you from the stress.
  • Keep moving your fingers in your shoes, to keep you a feel of moving and shedding of pressure from you.

Just apply all these suggestions and see how effective you have become in speaking on any stage or in front of any audience. These simple tips, are definitely helpful to overcome the fear of stage. This will also develop the personality instincts of an individual.

Developing writing skills at an early age develops the ability to focus on stage.
Developing writing skills at an early age develops the ability to focus on stage.

Writing a speech

Everybody knows that leaders all over the world have a special team to write their speeches.Their team comprises minds from all walks of life with good experience and insight into the concerned society. Friends, speech writing will be very easy, if you continue reading this article. There are some very basic but very important points that to be kept in mind whole writing a speech or speaking in front of a gathering. We all have to say something to a group or gathering on some or other day. There could many occasions of speech like birth or death anniversary, wedding anniversary, on promotion, etc. Each of the occasions requires special words and phrases to spice up your speech. The speaker should be very clear of what he is saying and what the speaker wants to say?

Now, I will explain some fundamentals of better speaking and speech writing:

  • Introduction of the speech must be clear of the subject of the speech, and the audience should be clear in the introduction itself the whole structure of the speech.
  • Content of the speech: The content of the speech says about all the ingredients of the speech. Its subject, the objective of the speech. The speaker should be clear about the subject and object, then only the speaker can write a good speech.
  • Winning words: In a speech there must be some winning words that attract the gathering and compels them to listen to your speech. Like the one speech David Cameron;s speech at the the conservative party conference which was instrumental in winning the leadership of his party.Using right words and right time and in right order is also essential for a good speech.
  • In a speech, the order of events must be in a chronological order to avoid confusion among the listeners. It also adds extra attention on the part of listeners.
  • Length of a speech depends on the occasion and the subject. Speech should not be very lengthy or short, as lengthy speeches loses interest after a while and short speeches rarely have any effect on the listeners.

Theme of the speech must be very clear to the audience. Speech must be written on a particular theme keeping in mind the people's emotions.

  • Words of importance should be clearly spoken and mentioned in the speech with extra boldness. The meaning of these words should not mix up with other emotions.
  • Prioritize your people in the speech. A good speech give extra care and attention to the people and subject it wants to address. So, it is important to show your priority in the speech.
  • Knowledge of the subject of the speech is most essential to address an audience. Without sufficient knowledge your speech could fail the objective your saying. Revise your knowledge before a speech on the subject.
  • Beware of any discrimination in the speech writing. The speech should be unbiased and polite.

End of the speech should be not be sudden, but it should come along the flow of the situation created by your speech. The end should be with thanks to the people and the occasion which granted an opportunity the speaker to speak.


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