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How To Write A Letter To A Friend

Updated on April 7, 2013

Writing a letter to a friend or family member sure sounds simple, but as you may have experienced, it can be a very awkward and mind boggling thing to do. Writing a good letter that is structured and makes sense, can be difficult because your keeping a conversation going on your own, but addressing the person you're writing to throughout the letter.

Writing a letter to a friend doesn't have to be difficult, once you understand the basic structure of how a personal letter should be written, you will have no troubles writing letters in future. The following is a simple guide to writing a letter to a friend, that will make letter writing a breeze.

How To Write A Letter

The hardest part of writing a letter, is getting it started. That is, after the first two words, as your first two words should be; 'hi, hey, hello, dear,' and then your friend or family members name. After those first two words is where people usually get stumped when writing a personal letter.

After initially addressing the person you're writing a letter to, the next thing should do is to is to ask your friend how they're doing in general, IE;

'How's it going?'

'What's been happening?'

'How have you been?'

'What's up?'

'How are you?'

Then for your next line, you should make a statement about how you've been doing in general, as if you are answering the question that you asked IE;

'I've been well.'

'I've been so busy.'

'I've been getting bored lately.'

'I haven't been up to much lately.'

From there, you will then give a reason or explanation behind the statement that you just made.

IE; 'I've been so busy. The day just seems to go no where and i'm always struggling to get everything done. Between studying, work, socializing & general house work, life is full on as of late.'

IE; 'I've been well and good. My life has been running smoothly lately, and i've been doing lot's of fun and exciting things.'

By this stage it's likely that something will have sprung to mind of which you could tell your friend about. Add to the paragraph by telling your friend about something that happened recently that is relevant to what you just said, anything that comes to mind will do.

Once you're done on the subject of your first paragraph, begin a new one. Begin a new paragraph for every different, subject/ topic / event that you choose to discuss. Continue to write about recent events in your life, and ask questions where you can which helps to engage the reader, and gives them something to say when they write back to you.

Ask questions preferably at the end of a paragraph. For instance let's just say you that you recently saw a great movie, and you've written a paragraph telling your friend all about it. Finish the paragraph by asking; 'Have you seen that movie?' Or alternatively you could make a recommendation, IE; 'You should hire that movie one day, it's really funny'.

Or maybe you've written a paragraph having a rant about something or someone that recently annoyed, or shocked you. You could ask 'can you believe that?' 'Have you ever met someone so rude'?

Write as many or as few paragraphs as you like, remembering that your friend is probably interested in what you've been doing and how you've been feeling. In regards to this, write about anything you can think of.

As you don't simply walk away a conversation when it's over, you politely excuse yourself, same goes with a letter. To bring an end to the letter, you could make a summary that is relevant to the statement that you made at the beginning of the letter, IE;

'Yeah so that's why i've been so busy!'

'And that is why life is good!'

Or you could simply say, or follow up the summary IE;

'Well that's about it from me at the moment'

'Well i think i've rambled on for long enough'

'That's all the news i have for now'

Once you've politely excused yourself and summarized your letter, all there is left to do is to say goodbye. Before signing of, where all you need to do is write 'From_____' or 'Love _____, It's always good to say something like, IE;

'Look forward to hearing from you'

'Write back soon'

'Catch up soon'

And that is how you write a letter to your friend. As you can see, it's really pretty simple once you break it down, you should have no troubles writing a letter to your friend in future, using this method.


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