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How To Write A Popular How To: Part 2

Updated on May 5, 2011

Why Wonder Wheel?

Wonder Wheel is an interesting search tool that was created by Google as a project. When you go to google, you can type in your search, then go down to the link on the left that says "more search tools". From there you can select "wonder wheel".

For the purpose of this hub, we are still focusing on writing popular "how to" articles. So I want you to type "how to" into the search bar.

Wonder Wheel!

Once wonder wheel has acted, you will see a wheel of search terms that come up commonly with "how to" in them. How to pick a lock , how to crafts and how to hack are among the most common searches according to wonder wheel.

Now, if you already read Part 1 of this hub series, you can take any of these search terms over to Sktool and see how many monthly searches come in for each term. With wonder wheel, you are more likely to see what is getting the most searches right now , but not necessarily the most searches per month.

Now, what wonder wheel is really wonderful for, is defining your title to be more about a niche topic. Click on how to crafts and wonder wheel will show you a new wheel with popular searches related to how to crafts. So you could write a "how to do kids crafts" or "how to do easy crafts". You could define it even further by clicking on another phrase, such as "kids crafts". Then we see that kids coloring pages, kids craft ideas and easy kids crafts come up commonly. What kind of how to titles could you create from this information?

You can go back or enter new search words or phrases to find new things to write about, which people are currently looking for. Have some fun with wonder wheel. It's both useful and amusing.


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    • sangre profile image

      Sp Greaney 6 years ago from Ireland

      Never heard of this tool before, thanks for the info.