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Using Pictures To Paint Your Poems

Updated on December 10, 2011

Using Pictures To Paint Your Poems, is the second post in our step by step guide to create awesome poems! If you missed the first post, you can find it here.Go to Poetry Writing-A Discussion.

Today We are talking about Using Pictures To Paint Your Poems!

Relation Between Photography and Poetry

How to use pictures to paint great poems? Pictures talk! Haven't You heard that before? If you have studied the basic composition techniques in photography( Oh there are many, rule of the thirds, golden rules, golden ratios...) you would probably know by now that, a photographer spends quite some time, composing the image, studying patterns, finding leading lines, finding a suitable angle, light to highlight the theme he is trying to paint, before he presses the shutter key. He uses a suitable ISO, a shutter speed and a suitable lens( a macro one or a wide angle one or a telephoto one as the occasion deems, and more sometimes he uses filters too!) Why all this fuss for taking a simple photograph? If we are strangers to photography we would worry.'He just have to press the shutter key and it's done, you know its not a big deal'.

So we grab the camera from our 'time wasting-photographer' and shoot!.No adjustments of ISO, shutter speeds, lenses, filters, angles, nothing...same garden, same landscape, same old Tim holding a flower.Done! But when we look at the prints, we can't believe what is the matter with our photographs. Tim seems to be like a ghost, with a darkened face, and red eyes! And our poor old garden looks like a hell, even my broken window and garage has managed to squeeze in to the photograph, and I can barely see my favorite roses, which I actually photographed!

Oops.Tim holds out the photos 'our time wasting photographer' managed to shoot, and guess what, yes once again I can't believe its my house and It's my Tim.In the case of Tim , he appears like a model, with a decent smile, with dark blue eyes, and it is hundred times better than he really appears in the real world, and a similar thing goes with my garden!

Leading Lines enhance the beauty and attract the viewer
Leading Lines enhance the beauty and attract the viewer | Source

Um so our discussion about photography is dropped for a while in case you hated it, and we move back to our poetry, the reason you are here! So what about poetry?How to write great poems?

See If I am correct.We don't think twice about how to write,how to select words,how to choose figures of speech, how to select the suitable rhymes, and how long should our lines be or how many stanzas we will want.we write them as the thoughts come down to us and we are done!10 minutes, and wow! May be we can even post about "How To Write A Great Poem In 10 Minutes" !. Guess what, when we come back to our own poem,may be after a week or so, we would ask, 'who the hell on earth wrote this ridiculous poem, so silly!' and suddenly our memory knocks in our heads and reminds us it was no one but the 'ridiculous us' who wrote this 'Great Poem' and well.....

We have a very good and inspiring thought spinning in our heads, something about the beauty of roses in our garden, or about our kitten, or may be about Tim! We are about to write a great poem !Well, we hurriedly write the lines as the thoughts instruct us to throw in this line and that,OK this too would suit you, add this too, even though it appears to be somewhat ridiculous even at the time of writing!. And we are done.10 Minutes poetry! Awesome, isn't it? Well...Until you discover you have made a disaster.

Lessons from Our Photographer

Writing 10 minutes poetry was very much like pressing the shutter button without thinking twice.And the result is the same.In both instances we ruined our precious moment, or thought!

And what about 'time wasting photography' ? As it produced gorgeous images, enhancing the quality of the actual sceneries 'time-wasting poetry' produces ever remembered, touching poems, enhancing the emotions and feelings for our particular subject! As the photographer selected proper ISO, exposure, lenses, filters, lightning and angles to produce the best out of nothing, great poets use figures of speech, rhymes, techniques like personification, repetition, ,analogy, paradoxes, alliteration......well there are many.. to produce great poems out of a very simple thought, may be from something very minor to what you already had in your mind when you started your 10 minutes poetry!

More lessons from the 'time wasting one'

For many professionals, pressing the shutter after spending quit bit of time doing everything we discussed above isn't the end of their photography session. They go to their home, studio, office, whatever it may be and spend a similar or even more time editing the image they have just captured with so much effort.Now you ask again, why on earth they want even more time, when they have already used their skills, and photographed , thinking, thinking and again thinking before pressing the shutter key!.It's true that they have captured the maximum potential out of their subjects, but editing simply means fine tuning the works. They find cons in their images, and suggest adjustments and try them, and undo them, and try a different thing again,using an image editing software like adobe photoshop, until they are pleased with their outcome. And when he finally brings the final print to you, you don't know whether this is the original photo captured from the camera, or a one he edited, and you don't care, because the ultimate result pleases and well, drags you out of your feet!

Back To Our Poetry

Now you get the picture.Even after we have composed our poem very carefully, taking time, using the techniques effectively, to fine tune our work, to produce the best possible result. We have to take time to read, re read and read once again and edit, edit while sitting, edit while walking, edit while dreaming! And when we feel that we have done the best we could have done, publish it!

This ends our discussion about using pictures to Paint our poetry.Don't Worry though because our discussion about writing awesome poems is not yet over!.We will continue to dig deep into the world of poetry in a novel and inspiring way through our discussion' How To Write Great Poems'!

You Can Visit My Previous Post About Writing Poetry Here


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    • Rosemay50 profile image

      Rosemary Sadler 5 years ago from Hawkes Bay - NewZealand

      In interesting and useful hub. Some good advice. I know the poems I write that sometimes take days to get just right are the ones I am most proud of.

    • Doc Snow profile image

      Doc Snow 6 years ago from Atlanta metropolitan area, GA, USA

      It's very true that we tend to rush--and true, also, that many Hubbers don't take enough trouble with the mechanics of their writing. So many Hubs with good content and original ideas are marred by sub-par spelling, grammar, or punctuation--as in a badly-composed or under-exposed photo, the subject can't shine as it should in these Hubs!

      Gustave Flaubert, the author of Madame Bovary, once claimed to have spent 'the morning putting a comma in, and the afternoon taking it out again.' Luckily, that can't have been entirely typical, or we'd never have known how poor Emma's story turned out! But it does neatly dramatize how high a standard one can aspire to.

      Part of the problem, I think, is that we don't respect the job of writing sufficiently. I remember a writer complaining about all the folks she encountered who would tell her of their plans to take up writing when they retired. In one particularly pompous case, she said, she came very close to telling a doctor, "What a coincidence! When I retire I plan to take up brain surgery!"

      Which isn't to say that those of us who are living that dream on Hubpages should quit! But it's a reminder that good writing usually doesn't come cheaply or easily.

    • letterme profile image

      letterme 6 years ago

      I am so glad you found this really useful phdast7 :)

    • phdast7 profile image

      Theresa Ast 6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      You are so right, everything in our society is about going, moving, finishing fast. We need to take the time to take an average poem and polish and shape it until it is a great poem. Rally enjoyed your Hub and your dvice.

    • letterme profile image

      letterme 6 years ago

      Many thanks to Carol and Writer for stopping by and reading all the stuff.

    • writer20 profile image

      Joyce Haragsim 6 years ago from Southern Nevada

      This is good advice for me and thank you for that.

    • carol3san profile image

      Carolyn Sands 6 years ago from Hollywood Florida

      Hi Letterme, I love this hub. You give some good advice, and very interesting. I happen to loke poetry too. Perhaps I'll try your ideas soon. voted up and useful.