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How To Write With Coherence

Updated on September 6, 2016

Do you know what one talks when one talks about good writing? The most important aspect of any writing, which makes it easy is to comprehend is not how the writer uses big words or how the writer organizes sentences, but the coherence in the writing. Yes, you read it right. The coherence in a piece of writing enables readers to follow the thoughts of the writer easily.

Though the Word Wide Web is crowded with information on what coherence is, it is difficult to find some practical advice on how to bring the elements of coherence in writing. This post will provide you with some easy to follow steps, which will help you write coherently.

In common words, coherence is the linking of ideas in the given piece of writing. If a piece of writing has all the ideas linked to each other, it is considered as a coherently written piece of writing.

Let us analyze these two paragraphs.

"Kamalika is sad. She couldn't perform well in the examination, in spite of her good preparation. Making the matter worse, her father became sulky, knowing that she didn't answer correctly as many questions as required to secure the passing marks."

"Kamalika is sad. Her father is sulky as she couldn't as many questions as necessary to secure the passing mark. Her brother is a good player of football and performed well in the yesterday's match, which made their father happy. She thought she wouldn't pass the examination."

Between these two paragraphs, the former is more logically written, which makes it easy to understand. But the later paragraph doesn't have a logical representation of ideas, which makes it difficult to comprehend what the writer actually wants to convey.

The first paragraph is coherently written, while the second paragraph is the group of some sentences that are not connected at the ideas level. So coherence in writing is a must if you want your readers to grasp your writing effortlessly.


Now comes to the point how to bring coherence in your writing. Suppose, you have to write an article. Then, it is good to have a rough idea about how many paragraphs you need to finish it. As we know, we should start a paragraph with a topic sentence. A topic sentence is the first sentence of a paragraph, which gives readers a hint of what will follow later.

Ideally, a topic sentence tells readers about the idea that will be explained in that paragraph. After penning the topic sentence, you should explain the idea further, which has been indicated by the topic sentence. And at the end of the paragraph, you should conclude the paragraph by laying emphasis on the topic sentence. If you follow this simple method, you will write a united paragraph.

"Kamalika is sad. She couldn't perform well in the examination in spite of her good preparation. Making the matter worse, her father became sulky, knowing that she didn't answer rightly as many questions as required to secure the passing marks. Her father's sulkiness made her more despondent. So she kept a silence on her lips the whole day."

The aforesaid paragraph explains only one idea that is the sadness of Kamalika. 'Kamalika is sad' is the topic sentence of this paragraph. And other sentences further express Kamalika's sadness.

The topic sentence of the second paragraph should connect to the last sentence of the first paragraph. And then, other sentences of the second paragraph should explain the idea indicated by the topic sentence of the second paragraph.

"Though she kept mum, she was pampered by the entire family. Her brother brought her favorite ice cream, and her mom cooked her favorite recipe. But all the efforts went in vain. She didn't utter a word despite the fact she liked pampering."

In this paragraph, the topic sentence is connected to the last sentence of the second paragraph. The topic sentence of the third paragraph will connect to the last sentence of the second paragraph. You should repeat the same process to draft other paragraphs. And the last paragraph should be conclusive.

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After writing an article this way, you should write all the topic sentences of the article separately. If they make a complete sense and seem to be connected at the level of ideas, your writing is coherent.

Following these simple tips, you can write a coherent piece of writing. When you master it, you can experiment with it. You can write topic sentence even in the middle of any paragraph. But, in the beginning, you should follow this process.

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    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 23 months ago from Shelton

      A very useful and practical hub Sandeep.. thank you for sharing :)