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Updated on April 18, 2010


World’s greatest orators never spoke from a paper in front of them. They spoke from their hearts. Yes, a good orator will never take points or just repeat what is put in front of them. They just know what to speak and how to put it in front of the audience. Can everyone become good orators? . Of course, why not ?. When you have the thought of becoming an orator, then you are half into it. The first thing a good orator needs is to be self-confident. He should be sure of himself and whatever he orates.

In history, we find many orators, who changed their world by their oration. For example, we can mention Adolf Hitler. Hitler was not only a military head, but also a good orator. We could say he was the best in his times. If we notice the pictures of his body language while he was speaking in front of the vast ocean of people, we can surely imagine how electrifying he would have been and how much he was involved himself while speaking to his people.  Its not an easy task to bring each and every people into one justification of thought and channelize them to sacrifice their life, if it demands to fulfill their country head’s order.

Likewise, Napoleon was a great orator. His soldiers were just mesmerized to his speeches and they just obeyed his orders even when they know they are at the doors of death. Bill Clinton, spoke from his heart while he was at the stage. You would be taken into his line if you listen to him, although at his later stage as the world knows he had to use this talent for saving his face and his nations face.  Another American who was a current was Martin Luther King. His speech got his people the freedom, which he was dreaming of, but alas he was not let to live to watch his dreams come true. His people now, are equals and he would not have dreamt that one of his people would even become the President of America. Yes, Mr.Obama, is also a good speaker. Though, we have to wait and see how far he carries himself by his speech. He has to prove himself by his actions now even though his words have brought him to his present designation.

Do only politicians become great orators. No. Even religious leaders do miracles by their speeches. Swami Vivekananda, who was an ordinary Hindu monk, when he left India to Chicago, where the culmination of the world religions were to take place.  When he had delivered his speech at the World Parliament of Religions, he was the hero . When everyone at the congress started their speech as “Ladies and gentlemen” , Swami Vivekananda started his speech with the words, “Brothers and Sisters of America “ . The crowd was baffled by those words. They have never heard any of their religious leaders calling them as brothers or sisters. Needless to say, he immersed the crowd by his powerful and selfless speech which made him to project his religions views more effectively than any of his fellow citizens till now.

Do anyone dislike to be a good orator ?. Nope. I can assure that anyone will be willing enough to be a good speaker, because basically we human beings, like to speak a lot and if it comes to listening by others when we talk, then we feel like we are on the top of the world. However, people are shy, fearful, trembling and to an extent experience phobia when they are asked to give a speech, even if it is a small group of people.

Now, everyone wants to speak effectively, but hesitate to speak. Rather strange. But that’s what is happening all over the world, right from uneducated common man to highly educated cream of the society. Let’s see what are the factors that act as a hindrance to become a good orator.

1.       Lack of knowledge – People come up on stage without proper preparation about the topic which they are going to speak.

2.       Lack of experience – Speaking without proper experience on stage will surely have its effect on people.

3.       Fear factor – Fear kills you raw when it is allowed to overtake you when you are on the stage.

4.       Boring – A boring topic or if you yourself bore the audience, they in turn will not listen to what you speak

5.       Dragging – Never drag on a subject unless necessary. This will make the audience uneasy and will make them think to have a break while you talk.

6.       Uninteresting topics – Well, nobody wants to listen to uninteresting topics. These will give a good sleep to the audience and you might see people yawning right in front of you in the first row.

7.       Failing to involve the audience with your topic.

8.       Lack of self-confidence- If you find yourself not confident about your speech, don’t ever think that people will even look at you.

So, these are some factors which basically decide why we fail in a good speech. Let’s see what are the factors that decide a good orator.

1.       BE INFORMATIVE – When you are informative on your subject, people tend to listen to you for want of knowledge about the particular topic or subject. Do not elaborate each and every detail. Be short and sweet and if needed put on details wherever necessary. You can quote books, websites or persons where people can find more knowledge . This makes your speech very useful and people will automatically come forward to hear you speak.

2.       PRACTISE MAKES PERFECTION – Don’t expect to be a huge success on your very first speech. As you make more speeches only you will know where you are putting the wrong note and where you are pulling the strings. So, make as many speeches as you can. This will automatically gain you experience and you will learn the secrets of how to captivate your type of audience.

3.       SHOW UP A BOLD FACE – Always put up a bold face in front of your audience. Act or if not try to be bold enough so that your body language will speak more than your words. Be energetic . Don’t stand like a rock in front of your audience. They will think you as another boring professor.

4.       MAKE YOURSELF INTERESTING – You should know what you are talking and what makes your audience interesting. This can be achieved only by repeated speeches and this is an very important factor. People just love to listen in what they are interested.

5.       SHORT AND SWEET – Always make your speech short and sweet. Of course you should add some sugar coated words in between which will add more effect to the listener. Words should be meaningful and understandable by the listeners. Never use high language or too much technical words unless needed in an ordinary speech. People will lose track of what you come to say.

6.       INVOLVE YOUR AUDIENCE – Good orators make their audience to get involve in their speech by asking them questions or by asking them to repeat what they say, like a slogan or popular quotes. People will find this very interesting and if you give them the right feed, they will be all eyes and ears on you.

7.       BODY LANGUAGE – Hitler, is a good example for making a body language when he spoke. He will be in a highly emotional mood and you can see his hands moving like performing an orchestra. Don’t forget people watch your every move. If you pose a drooping face, then they will respond you with the same face.

8.       LOVABLE OR MAGNETIC VOICE – Voice plays an important role in a speech. People with strong and powerful voices easily make their audience spell bounded. Most of the people are carried away by voices. A sweet voice, can be honey to your ears while a powerful voice can lift up your spirits. If you think you don’t have a good voice, then practice unless you are confident of yourself and then start giving speeches.

9.       KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE – Politicians are experts in this factor. They know what they should speak and to which audience they should speak. They gather facts previously about their audience and they only speak what the audience will like even if it is a naked lie. Some times or most of the time people just admire lies knowingly, that it will be forgotten by the politician when he descends from the stage.

10.   TELL SHORT STORIES OR JOKES – If possible tell short stories to make your speech interesting. This is a good technique practiced by orators to make the audience get involved in their speech.

11.   BE LIVELY – Your speech should have life in it. Never repeat things. Put all your emotions into it and try all your means to spellbound your audience by various techniques, which you should learn on your every speech.

I hope I have given the most of what is required to make a good orator. There might be special factors depending upon individuals and situations which can be learnt only by experience. Above all, one should be confident of himself that he can deliver a good speech, forget becoming a great orator.

It’s a continuous learning process. It will change upon age, race, location, literacy, situations and patience of the people. GOODLUCK !!!                                                                                                                                                                                         


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      "World’s greatest orators never spoke from a paper in front of them." That is not true. In Martin Luther King's "Beyond Vietnam" speech, he read the entire speech word for word off of paper. He spent countless hours with his closest friends writing this speech. It was one of his most controversial speeches, but one of his greatest.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      My spouse and i utilized to obtain high on lifestyle however of late I've established any amount of resistance.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Thank u So much Sir!!! this will definitely help me

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Good afternoon here is a good forum

      I spent 8 hours searching in the network, until find your forum! I think, I shall stay here for a long time!

    • profile image

      Mathalen Raja 

      6 years ago

      The facts of a good oration have been explained in a great way..

      Thanks a lot ..Narain :)

    • profile image

      dilip chavda 

      6 years ago

      it was an amazing expercing to read the inp point which are able to give appealing speech

    • profile image


      7 years ago


    • profile image

      sharath chandra 

      8 years ago

      yeah, above said are true to believe and consider.



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