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How To use Your Spare Time Profitability To Aid Your Success 2

Updated on December 14, 2016

3. Develop Positive Mental Attitude

The other important aspect of the scheme for personal development is your attitude to life. What philosophy of life do you have? Are you creating one for yourself intelligently, or are you drifting and shifting with variable winds of the changing times? A sound philosophy of life gives good results. People with chaotic, unproductive and unhappy lives usually do not have anyone to blame but themselves. They do not even have strategy for living, and thus have no foundation on which to build a strategy for meeting with courage the changing fortunes of life.

There is plenty of good advice available on the subject of self improvement and motivation Norman peale’s ‘Power of Positive Thinking’. Tai Solarin’s ‘A message for young Nigerians’. Mike Omoleye’s ‘You can control your Destiny’. Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’, Tam David West’s ‘Philosophical Essays and Norman Pedle’s ‘Unlock your Faith Power’ are some of the good books you can read to brighten your outlook. You can also read Bishop Oyedepo’s book and those of foreign authors like Brian Tracy., which are available from local bookstores.

By reading motivational and self-improvement books, you are not only building yourself up emotionally, you’re also developing a sound moral character and success in your life’s journey.

What this boils down to is that you can use the period of your unemployment to assess yourself and reform your character, overcome your human relations and moral deficiencies, learn and practice new virtues of courtesy, interpersonal relations and harmony.

‘No matter how long you’ve traveled the wrong road, turn back’-Chinese proverb.

There is practically no guarantee that just because you’ve developed a workable strategy you won’t still be a casualty in the race of life. There is such a thing as plain bad luck. The brad may not always go to the wise, as the saying goes, or the race to the swift or even the battle to the strong. That is just the way to bet, but, you can tilt the odds in your favor by developing pro-survival attitudes and the law of large numbers will take care of the rest.

4. Turn Your Hobby Into A Money Machine

Many hobbies can be turned into profitable spare-time occupation that can be money spinning. Your hobby is what you like doing for pleasure. Gardening, for instance, is suitable for anyone. See if there is a place in your locality where you can borrow a small area to grow vegetable and all sorts of edible fruits and plants. You can also keep a small poultry in your backyard to produce eggs and meat for the family. Many big farms are known to have started as small backyard holding operate as hobbles. You can also keep some rabbits. This will bring you some money and also supply some protein for your family. You’ve been endowed with some natural talents. You creator has a purpose for depositing these in you. Don’t allow them to rot away. Use them for the good of the society and profit thereby.

5. Engage in writing for publication

You may try your hands on writing if you have enough flair. Published letters to editors in newspapers magazines and trade journals bring in money and so are feature articles on general or specialized subjects if you have a more serious interest you can contact a few friends for a meeting to discuss ideas and, if possible, start putting your ideas together for publication as a major work.

Your period of unemployment therefore needs not be a boring and wasteful experience. You can profit from it if you don’t idle away. Keep your eyes and ears open. Be alert.


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