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How Writing for the Hub Has Helped Me

Updated on April 25, 2016

Why I Started Writing Hubs

I was talking with a friend about a year ago who said, "You have so many good ideas! Have you ever considered writing?"

Of course I have! As much as I love the treasure I find in books and articles, I have always dreamed of creating my own. And, like much daydreaming, we start off thinking about how we will complete the next best selling American novel that is destined to be the next classic. I am not ready for that...yet! :) But I thought, "Why do I have to let my ideas steep until I'm ready to write that novel? Will I ever be ready?" And my friend encouraged me further: Inspire others through short articles and blogs!

So I did. I wrote my first Hub: Recipe for Compassion and Maintaining the Human Element: The Connection Confection. It's a small piece, about how we can use the gifts we have within ourselves to make life sweeter for those around us.

And I received some positive feedback, which is the best thing ever!

Change Your Face!

If you have ever found yourself making what Jane McGonigal calls the "I'm Not Good At Life" face, then you know how powerful positive feedback can be! It's why we keep trying at levels on video games that we have never passed before; every time we try, we can unlock a new achievement.

I was finding myself going through a great deal of "I'm Not Good At Life" faces to the point where I could make a whole photo album for every day of the year! I would rather be making the, "I'm Having Fun" faces, and acting with a constant gauge of kindness. Life doesn't offer too many opportunities for that. So, I escape into the world of writing. In writing, I find my own inspirations. And when I am inspired, I act with more mindfulness. I am kinder and gentler to myself and also kinder and gentler to those around me.

The positive interactions I have had on the Hub as a writer have helped me to change my face!

Positive Attitudes Attract Positive Attitudes

The more I read from other authors, and the more people read my work, the more inundated I got with positive messages. I wanted to share that positivity with others! And the more I read of others' work, the more joy I found and shared with them!

This also translated into my workplace. I started focusing more on the positive feedback (which I am quick to give to students and clients, but not so much with overhead administration or even sometimes to my colleagues). I started finding more ways I could say great things about the work that is being done around me, and I also found myself motivated to do more in my work environment.

Write What You Love!

It is the old adage: Write what you know. I would change it to Write What You Love! When you write about what you love, not only do you get to fully share your enthusiasm with readers, but you also get to re-invent and reconnect with your own enthusiasm!

Writing on the Hub is a wonderful experience, and one I am so grateful to do. If you think you'll get a monetary reward, that's fine. Even more so, what you get is a reward in your own personal transformation--and nothing is more valuable than that!

So, Welcome to the Hub! If you have been writing for a while, I hope that you revisit what you do with a new-found joy! If you are brand new, you are in for an amazing experience!

I will always be glad to read what you publish and share some positive words of encouragement at every turn!

What do you think?

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    • IvoryTusk profile image

      IvoryTusk 21 months ago from Albuquerque, New Mexico

      Sneha Sunny: I am so glad you appreciated this hub. Hope that it helps you find the joy in writing, even though it's hard work! I look forward to reading your hubs!

    • IvoryTusk profile image

      IvoryTusk 22 months ago from Albuquerque, New Mexico

      LaunchADream: It's all about finding the golden nugget when you can! That "I'm not good at life" face is definitely a killer; we feel so much better when we can change our perspective.

      Sneha Sunny: Thank you so much for reading! May you continue to find your own joy as you write for the Hub! You are awesome!

    • Sneha Sunny profile image

      Sneha Sunny 22 months ago from India

      This is a lovely hub and it's so very true! Thanks for sharing the positive words!! :)

    • profile image

      LaunchADream 22 months ago

      I like this. Write what you love. The "I'm not good at life" face is a great thing to remember. Even when I am in meetings, if I am focused on the things that keep me going, they aren't as bad and I don't feel bad at life. Thanks for this.