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How You Can Achieve Anything You Want

Updated on April 27, 2019
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I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.


If you know the tips and steps in your journey, you can attain anything you desire. Start with little things and notice how you achieve them. Then when you want bigger stuff, apply the same techniques because the way you do little things, you do big things.

What Does Achieving Small Things Mean?

Achieving small things can be as simple as publishing an article on a site. You know you are good at writing, and you have gone through the rules and policies. Nothing can stand in your way now. Your only desire now is to get the article you just wrote to get published.

What Can Go Wrong in the Manifestation Process?

Include all the details in the manifestation process about your desire. When I craved recently for the publication of my recent article, I forgot to covet that the article would catch the attention of a lot of readers. As a result, my article got published but with zero readers clicking the title link. After I got my mistake, I ensured about including all the details about the article in my vision. Then, everything started to fall together.

What is the Missing Link in the Manifestation Process?

Of course, you should have a vision for what you want to acquire. You should imagine all the little things and see them in your mind’s eye about the desire. But then the missing link is to let go of the desire. You forget about it, stay cheerful without worries or doubts, and laugh and joke around happily with friends and family. Then the desire gets manifested in full swing in a while.

What is Another Important Factor in the Manifestation Process?

I have seen for myself that most of my desires got manifested effectively in the above ways that I applied. But many of my burning desires which are bigger haven’t got manifested yet. I know I have to apply the above steps that I mentioned but there is also another factor. The Universe conspires to make your desires happen, and it is the Universe which will bring about the manifestation of your desires ultimately.

What are the Options the Universe Offers about Your Desire?

The Universe will bring about the fruition of your desire depending on the quality of vibes it collects from you. It has three alternatives after it has picked up your vibes. Therefore, it says:

1) Yes, I will manifest your desire, or

2) Yes, but you will have to wait for a while, or

3) I have a better plan for you.


How Do You Ask from the Universe?

Instead of only having a vision with the details about your aspiration, I would recommend that you pray also. During your prayer, you can ask the Universe about your burning desire and state all your intentions, goals, and their details.

What Should You Do after You Have Asked from the Universe?

Once you have asked for your want in your prayer, forget about it and allow it to manifest on its own without blocking it by fear, doubt or worry.

How Do You Listen to the Universe for Answers?

You can meditate in another morning session listening to the Universe. See if you can get any messages for your yearning that it has to deliver.

What is the Real Difference between Meditation and Prayer?

Understand that prayer and meditation are different but both are effective in the realization of your desire.

Meditation is all about listening to the Universe about the outcome of your burning desire. On the other hand, prayer is asking from the Universe about something you long for deeply and set forth the materialization process of your desire, stating all the details.

A Girl Meditating, Listening for Answers from the Universe Near her Home
A Girl Meditating, Listening for Answers from the Universe Near her Home | Source
A Woman Praying, Asking from the Universe
A Woman Praying, Asking from the Universe | Source

Do You Need to Take Any Other Real-Life Action(s) for Your Desire to Manifest?

Many desires do not require any other action on your part. On the contrary, putting in an extra effort of actions could help to fulfill your craving more promptly.

What are the Two Ways of Taking Actions towards Your Desires?

The two ways of taking actions towards your desires are indoors and outdoors. If you like to stay indoors, yes, prayers and meditations are good. If you prefer to stay outdoors most of the time, in between your career and other chores, you can take actual massive actions.

If you aspire to be a writer and like being outdoors, you can attend creative writing seminars and/or workshops. You can even consider taking creative writing classes somewhere within your local area.

On the other hand, prayers plus meditations indoors, taking actions at home like writing everyday 5000 words on paper or Word document, and reading extensively various books in your niche will assist you on the way to be a promising writer.

Summary, the Checklist

1) Start with small desires. Then aim for bigger desires because you will know then the steps that work for you to manifest your longings. Usually, the way you do little things is similar to the way you do big things.

2) Include all the details about your cravings in the manifestation process. Because then there is a high probability for them to materialize in full swing.

3) There is a missing link in the manifestation of your desires. After you have declared your intentions with as many details as you can, you need to forget about them and stay detached from your aspirations to materialize them well.

4) You need to be happy and cheerful without letting fear, doubt or worry enter into the process.

5) Prayer is a good way to declare your burning goals and intentions with details and ask from the Universe.

6) Meditation is a good way to listen to the Universe about any messages it has to deliver regarding your wants.

7) You can either meditate and pray at home, or you can go outdoors and take massive actions for your burning desires to manifest.

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