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How You Know Someone Thinks You're Weak-minded

Updated on July 5, 2013

It could be a ride to the store for a snack in the middle of a thunderstorm. It could be a loan of 500.00 dollars and they don't know when they'll be able to pay it back. All this is a fine example of why someone thinks you're weak-minded.



The favor is based on your sweet-heartedness. Your kindness. Your love. This is a real indicator of whether someone thinks you're weak-minded.

The favor is the greatest asset to the person who thinks this. This person, who believes you're easily used.

However it's also a great asset to you too, because now you can't look at how many times they come to you for something. Whether you give it to them or not. Whether they abuse this kindness or love in you.

And most importantly, it singles out the people, (family, friends, associates,) that use you and the ones who don't.


The next reason why someone believes you're weak-minded is if you'll believe anything they say. Some of you are just being nice. Thinking your buddy or friend wouldn't lie to you. But even friends are allowed to be skeptical.

Don't think you're any less of a friend because you are skeptical, and play the weak-minded role to show your friendship. If you're a true friend there are tons of other ways to show your friendship. And never disagreeing, is not always the the best indicator that you have a true friendship. Friends often disagree.

Am I Weak-minded?

The real determiner of whether you're weak-minded is how quickly you change your beliefs, opinions, or feelings because you're standing alone. This makes you the type of person that doesn't feel comfortable being alone in your ideals. You find comfort in being with the crowd, and being accepted overall, even if the ideal is wrong, bad, or inhumane.

This is very easy to slip into. This is damaging in your own life in many ways, but it is the absolute indicator.

If you honestly don't do this, stand to what you think, even if you're alone, you can't be considered weak-minded.


Should You Change What They Think?

The real question for the person who now knows that they have friends, family, or associates that think they're weak-minded is, will it be worth changing what they think about you.

If it makes you feel used, hurt, sad, or disrespected, then I say change things. Don't believe everything that comes flying out of their mouths, and let them know you don't. Don't give every time someone asks you for something, say no. Simple changes to a simple problem.

However, if kindness and love is in your favors and your belief of everything your friends, family, or associates say, then don't change things. They should be ashamed of themselves for using your kindness and trust anyway.

Remember, it won't be no skin of your back if you decide to change things or not. You'll keep your feet firmly planted and take care of you and your business overall. You obviously do what you have to do for you in your life if they have to come asking you for favors all the time.

You obviously can't be weak-minded if they need you to believe them over everyone else. Either way, consider yourself winning.


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