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How You Know You Are Intelligent

Updated on February 19, 2017

The reason why I created this mini-article is because some people make being intelligent look hard. People tend to think you need school years under your belt to be intelligent.

Some think you have to be blessed with it and that it comes from DNA.

Well, you don't and it doesn't; it is all perception, wisdom, experience, and situations.

Intelligent people have the capacity to handle various situations based on their current situation, past experiences, or the current requirements of the situation.

Trust me, it is easy to be intelligent.

And I have here, for the ones that care to know, a sure way to see whether or not you are intelligent.


Intelligence Measurement Scenario 1: Decisions

  • If you see a pit bull trotting down the street towards you with red eyes, foam in the mouth, and your first impulse is to pet it; you love dogs. You are not making an intelligent decision.
  • If you see low limitless black and grey clouds outside, and can feel the occasional cold droplets falling from above with violently thrashing trees from wind, and your first impulse is to go for your jog anyway, you can handle a little rain. You are not making too intelligent a decision.
  • If you drop your wallet with over $2,000 dollars of your tax refund in it, and someone happens upon it as the money hangs out of the wallet, picks it up, chases you down and politely decides to put it back in your hands and you say, "thanks, I didn't think you people did that." YOU DO NOT MAKE INTELLIGENT DECISIONS.

Decisions are very important in life, and if you make wise and thoughtful decisions, you are an intelligent individual.


Intelligence Measurement Scenario 2: Reasoning

  • If you see a Sasquatch, and after you take several pictures of it with your cellphone, you walk up to it and try to communicate and give it a pat on the back. That was not intelligent because you did not reason.
  • If you have income that has been terminated and you don't stop spending immediately and configure all expenses and savings to manageable amounts for creditors and your lifestyle, you are not making an intelligent decision or reasoning.
  • If you are a millionaire or billionaire, and you feel or think you never have to worry about budgeting in the United States of America, and you pay people to manage your money without paying attention to it or the company's processes, you could have a high probability of being homeless in the future. YOU DO NOT REASON.

Everybody has got to give their decisions in life some thought. We must reason on almost everything. Not thinking things through has hurt a lot of people.


Intelligence Measurement Scenario: 3 Understanding

  • If you have any ounce of empathy, you are understanding
  • If you don't buy things solely based on their price, you are understanding.
  • If you don't pick fights with strangers, you are understanding.
  • If you accept the truth in your life, learn from your past mistakes, and move on, you are understanding.
  • If you PLAN outings to certain places, you are understanding, even if things don't turn out as planned.
  • If your significant other cheats on you and you blame your significant other, you are understanding.
  • If you never let go of your dreams because you think there's never any real reason to let them go, your dreams are a part of you and your life, YOU ARE UNDERSTANDING.

And if you know that if this list applies to you this means you're an understanding individual, you understand very well, which is very intelligent.

Last Note

Experiences have a lot to do with intelligence. Life influences a lot of our decisions, even the decisions we choose not to make are influenced by experiences.

We hope to be wiser and smarter as time goes by, things change in our lives, and so forth. We all have our own style of intelligence, which makes us who we are and unique. This is more than enough.

And also, admit it, I'm right, it is simple to be intelligent.


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