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How a Minister Wrote a Book To Inspire Those Struggling with Their Faith

Updated on June 24, 2019
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I had the opportunity to sit down with Nick Fowler, who is claiming to be the Messiah. Jesus Christ. The Son of the Living God.

Getting to Know Leighton Kramer

Can you tell me a little about your book, Bolivar Heights: When Failure is Not Final?

Bolivar Heights: When Failure is Not Final is a novel that chronicles the main character, Clay’s, spiritual journey and is essentially his introduction to a Celestial world. Along with his journey in the ecclesiastical world as seen through the lens of his own personal world- which challenges him with the call of being a preacher. Clay is wrestling with questions as it pertains to the reality of God’s existence and how it relates to him, each theologically, philosophically and personally.

How did you get the inspiration to write this?

The inspiration came from the fact that I am a minister and I’ve had lots of experience being a pastor to people as they’ve endeavored to navigate their own spiritual battles, which I believe are universal. In that we are all on a spiritual journey and like what Clay, the protagonist goes through, is what a lot of people go through in terms of trials, struggles, temptations and sorrows along life’s way.

I see. That’s very interesting. What is the intended affect you hope that the book has on your readers?

I think they’ll see a reflection of themselves in Clay as it pertains to his humanity and how he strives to make his way in this world spiritually. I also want to speak to what I mean in the sub title by saying “failure is not final”. I think we’re all a phone call, accident, or even Doctor’s visit away from life taking a sudden and dramatic change. Life is no respecter of persons and has a way of dealing us blows to which we often feel we cannot parry. So, it’s important to know how one is going to prepare and respond to these hindrances, hardships or heartaches that pass by our way. This is where the relationship with God comes in a more pronounced and profound way. When we face challenges, we can choose to be bitter or better, and it is my hope that by reading my novel that readers will be inspired to choose to tap into another world for the guidance and grace that only a living God can give and in so doing choose to become better. Metaphorically speaking, it is in the heat of the furnace that steel is made. There is no victory without a fight, and a light is never brighter than when in the dark of the night. Life’s struggles offer us the unique opportunity to expand in our capacity and ability to empathize and sympathize with the hurting around us and well as provide an opportunity to develop in the gracious and golden graces of God. These graces beautify the life and saturate it with the sweet aroma of Heaven in our midst.

How has your own personal faith inspired you writing this book?

I always try look at everything through a spiritual lens. I want to see things through the eyes and perspective of God. What is His opinion on the matter? I remember when my son was born, the preacher said that the baby was going to live as long as God lives. His soul would live forever and would never die. He told me that I would also be playing a prominent role in impacting that same boy’s soul for all of eternity and spoke to the ramifications of how I treated that opportunity. The preacher was an influential man in my life who offered me perspective on time and space and left me feeling challenged, encouraged and inspired to raise my son to trust, obey, and serve a Living God. I could think of no better way to accomplish that sobering and sacred task then to lead him by my own example.

Even today and in this very hour when I consider the broad scope of time and space, and the vastness of eternity …I am strangely made more conscious of my own smallness and limitations while at the same time equally and keenly made more aware of my Heavenly father’s great mind and wealth of knowledge. His extraordinary ability and grace serve as a special source of encouragement and blessing to my soul and I take special solace in the sacred reality that I am governed by an omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent God.

My meditations and considerations for things thought small bring me to an equal conclusion of spiritual conviction. In all the world around me from the biggest to the smallest of creation I see intelligent design. Consider something as mundane as an eyelash or a flower petal…and explore its complexity and extraordinary beauty and I suspect like me you too may catch a glimpse. The human mind, the spirit of individual personality and the soul is so complex…regardless of who you are and where you are, the common denominator is we are fearfully and wonderfully made. I submit to you that the man who only sees the world through a physical eye sees very little of anything at all. I encourage the reader to peer through the telescope of time and consider the world and their life through a spiritual lens. To scan the globe through the lens of eternity and ask yourself, what is God’s opinion on the matter?

Do you tend to share this book with people of your church?

I give out the book to anyone who’s interested in reading it in that writing is a ministry to me and I feel never feel quite so fulfilled as when someone can read the book and feel a sense of inspiration, encouragement and help.

Should we expect a sequel?

Yes! I am working on A Man with A Shining Face, which is more of a devotional – coming out in the year 2020.

This is the cover of Leighton Kramer's current book.
This is the cover of Leighton Kramer's current book.

So if you are looking for literature that is philosophical and theological in nature, you would enjoy Bolivar Heights: When Failure is Not Final.It’s a book that you may find relief in if you are also struggling with questions regarding your relationship with God or the purpose of life itself. It is now available on Amazon, iTunes and Barnes & Noble.


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