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Best way to teach your kids about bullying

Updated on October 29, 2012
MoMo the bear
MoMo the bear | Source

How to get your kids to understand bullying is not acceptable, and how to deal with a bully

How did MoMo the bear get toothless?

MoMo the bear was big and strong. He loved to show off how tough he was to anyone he encountered. Today was no exception. While MoMo the bear was taking a morning walk in the forest, he saw a rabbit busy gathering some carrots into a basket. Without saying a word, MoMo the bear picked up the basket full of carrots and threw them all over the ground. The rabbit was upset, but when he saw MoMo the bear’s mean face, he was too afraid to say a single word. The rabbit stood there shaking.

“AHHHH!” MoMo the bear roared. The rabbit ran like wind.

“HA, HA, HA, Run, you scaredy cat, run. HA, HA, HA…“ MoMo the bear laughed. He just loved seeing his victim being scared like that.

MoMo the bear was in a very good mood. He was looking for his second victim.

A little monkey was having fun swinging on a tree branch. MoMo the bear sneaked up behind the little monkey and pulled his tail.

“AHH, Ouch!” The little monkey fell and cried.

“Cry baby, Ha, ha, ha,” laughed the bear.

The little monkey got up and ran.

“Aha, I AM GOOD!” MoMo the bear said to himself. “Who is next?”

MoMo the bear continued wandering through the forest. When he saw a frog reading a book by a pond, MoMo the bear tilted his head and looked down on the frog. “Hey, smelly green, where did you get a big fat tummy like that, Huu? You’ve just won yourself 1st place of the ugliest tummy in the world. Now, go hide in the deep deep forest, and never come out again because you are too ugly to be seen.” MoMo though the frog would have jumped into the pond crying right away, but it didn’t happened as MoMo expected.

The frog was still there with his book in his hand. He slowly moved his eyes away from his book and said, “ Thank you for your concern! But I am happy with the way I look. Now, would you please leave me alone? I am trying to read my book.” Then, the frog went back to his book.

“How dare you not listen to me?’ MoMo the bear walked up and tried to snatch the book out of the frog’s hand. The frog jumped to one side quickly. MoMo the bear lost his balance and fell into the water. Splash!

“AHHHHHH!” MoMo the bear yelled angrily as he climbed out of the pond. His clothes were all wet. “Give me your book, or you’ll be sorry!” He opened his big mouth full of sharp teeth.

“This is MY book. I don’t see any reason why I should give it to a mean bear like you,” said the frog calmly.

“I am big and strong. I get what I want. GIVE ME THE BOOK, NOW!” MoMo the bear demanded.

Looking directly into the angry bear’s eyes, the frog said firmly, “No!”

Feeling humiliated, MoMo the bear was now furious. “GIVE ME THE BOOK, NOW!” he roared and attempted to grab the book from the frog. He missed it again.

SPLASH! MoMo the bear was in the pond again.

“AHHHHH!” cried the bear. He climbed out of the pond soaking wet. He looked at the frog angrily, and the frog looked at him without any fear.

“Hmm!” huffed the bear as he stormed away.

The frog stayed and continued to read his book.

At the outskirt of the forest, a duck was resting on the grass under the sun feeling very cozy until MoMo the bear showed up and shoved him away.

“Hey! That is my napping spot,” cried the duck.

“It’s mine now. Get lost, you flat feet,” shouted the mad bear showing his sharp teeth again.

The duck was very angry at being shoved away from his cozy spot and being called flat feet, but he was too scared to fight back. He walked sadly away.

The warm sun helped to dry MoMo the bear’s wet clothes. He was tired and fell asleep quickly.

The mean way that MoMo the bear treated the other animals upset a fairy. She flew around above MoMo the bear for a while, then waved her wand at him and said “be nice to the others, MoMo.” Then she disappeared.

“Who was talking to me?” MoMo woke up suddenly, but there was no one around. “It must have been a dream,” he thought. “Who cares about being nice?!”

MoMo the bear was now feeling hungry. So he walked back to the forest looking for a snack to eat when he saw the little monkey sitting on a tall tree branch eating bananas.

“Hey, Cry Baby. Give me those bananas, or I will…” before MoMo the bear could finish his demand, all his sharp teeth fell onto his feet. “Ouch, ouch, ouch, that hurts,” cried the bear. “Give me the bananas, now!”

The little monkey smiled when he saw the toothless bear. Without those sharp teeth, MoMo the bear didn’t looked scary to him at all. So, the little monkey just looked at the bear and continued to eat his bananas.

MoMo couldn’t believe that little monkey disobeyed him. He punched the tree trunk to show the little monkey how powerful he was. But punching the tree trunk didn’t scare the little monkey; instead, it upset MoMo the bear because his hand now got stuck on the tree trunk.

“I can’t believe I am having such bad luck today,” the bear huffed. He was now angry with the tree. He kicked the tree with his leg. As soon as he kicked the tree, his clothes flew off except his pink underwear.

“Oh, no, what’s going on here? What’s wrong with me?” MoMo the bear was scared. He didn’t understand why his teeth suddenly all came out of his mouth, and how his clothes flew off by themselves. He wanted to hide so that no other animals beside the little monkey could see his pink underwear, but he couldn’t because his hand was stuck on the tree. Without his clothes, MoMo the bear started feeling cold. Worst yet, his tummy was getting really hungry too. MoMo the bear began to cry, this time, with a lot of tears.

The rabbit, the frog, and the duck heard the crying. They all came to see what had happened.

“Oh, no, they have come for revenge. They are going to laugh at my pink underwear,” thought the bear nervously. He picked up a leaf and tried to cover up his pink underwear, but the leaf was too small to do the job. Hopelessly, MoMo the bear could only cover his eyes with his other hand and cry.

To the bear’s surprise, no one laughed at him. When they found out what had happened, the rabbit got him food to eat, the duck got him clothes to keep warm, and the frog comforted him.

“I was so mean to all of you. Why did you still help me and not tease me?” asked the bear.

“Because we know how bad it feels to be teased at. And we care about others’ feeling,” replied the frog.

“I am really sorry about what I did to everyone. I promise from now on I will be nice to everybody.” As soon as he said that, MoMo the bear’s clothes were back on his body and his hand was no longer stuck to the tree. MoMo was very happy and waiting for his teeth to go back into his mouth. But hours had passed; no tooth was back to his mouth.

“I guess I will have to earn my teeth back one by one,” said the bear.

Just then, the duck’s little brother came. He was shocked when he saw MoMo. “Oh, no, it’s that mean bully.” He turned and started to run.

“Wait up, little ducky,” MoMo called, “I am sorry that I was mean to your brother. I won’t do it again any more. I have promised that I’ll be nice.”

The little ducky looked at MoMo doubtfully. MoMo walked up and gave him a gentle bear hug. The little ducky smiled. Right at that moment, MoMo the bear got his first tooth back.

Ever since then, MoMo the bear has been very nice to everyone. One by one, all of his teeth were back in his mouth, and that made MoMo the bear very happy and proud of himself for being nice.

A list of book on how to deal with bullying:


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    • kittyjj profile image

      Ann Leung 5 years ago from San Jose, California

      Thank you Virginia for reading. I am currently working on Froggy B books and hope to work on this book soon. :)

    • VirginiaLynne profile image

      Virginia Kearney 5 years ago from United States

      Very nice book! I hope to see it when you get it ready. Will you publish as an Ebook? I love the story "Hooway for Wodney Wat" which is about bullying too. I wrote a hub on that one which gets a lot of hits. I think that lots of people are looking for books to combat bullying. Great work!

    • kittyjj profile image

      Ann Leung 5 years ago from San Jose, California

      Thank you Julie. I am working on the drawings. It will take some time. But I do hope to get the picture book ready no later than Nov. 2012.

    • profile image

      Julie 5 years ago

      What an effective and well written story for children! It has a great lesson on bullying even for a preschool child! Keep it up and continue to make great children's books. Let me know when you have this one bound with pictures!


    • kittyjj profile image

      Ann Leung 5 years ago from San Jose, California

      Thank you donnaisabella for stopping by and giving me such an encouraging compliment. I will keep on trying my best. And yes, I do intend to turn all my stories into a picture book format. Have a wonderful day! :)

    • donnaisabella profile image

      Donaisabella 5 years ago from Fort Myers

      Hey Kitty! This is such a beautiful little story, I could not stop reading it. Wow. Even as an illustrated little book it would make such wonderful reading. I am tempted to print it for my baby and read it to her but I will not until you make that book. So go and make it. I will look for more stories like this on your hub. Congratulations, well written. Thanks for sharing.