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How is Perseverance the Power Key to Success?

Updated on December 15, 2017
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Waheed is an entrepreneur, author, freelance writer, and content marketing specialist with more than 5 years of professional experience.

Quote The key to success is action, and the essential in action is perseverance.
Quote The key to success is action, and the essential in action is perseverance. | Source

What does success mean to you? A million dollars in your bank account? A beast of a racing car? Or maybe it’s having a small wooden cottage overlooking a green countryside. What I’m trying to say is that the idea of success is relative. What you see to have for yourself in the future will almost definitely not be the same as the person next to you. That is what makes each of us unique.

Needless to say, success is never easy, even if it’s something simple as having a peaceful life in a cottage in the middle of now here; the work you have to do to get there is Titanic. Understandably, every single person in this world aims to get there, to the top of the hill they think is success, but the road to it is lonely and punishing. By the time you reach where you need to be, you will not be the same person who started out.

What is Perseverance Really?

When confronting successful people, the question usually thrown at them is how they became as successful as they are today, and the reply usually is perseverance. Not talent, not resourcefulness, not even having a vision, just perseverance. You might be wondering, how one can achieve great things through such a simple concept. That’s where everyone’s wrong; perseverance is not a simple concept. The concept of persevering is made of so many inter-related entities to the extent that it’s longer a simple action, it becomes more than that: a habit, a lifestyle.

Planning The Road Ahead

Dashing into the abyss, unprepared is not going to get you anywhere. Anything can happen, at any time, meaning that you have to be prepared. Committing yourself to a journey with no clear direction or path, for that matter is extremely dangerous. You will find obstacles on your way, setbacks and failures will throw you off all the time, and if you give up or lose direction halfway, you may very well end in a place worse than the one where you started. Plan your rise to the top, figure out alternate options and fail safe so that your way forward is never hindered.


Don’t Stop, Fight Back

Like I've said before, it’s never easy. You are aiming for the best possible future for yourself, and the price of this future is incredibly high. You are going to fall, walk into dead-ends and worse, left broken, but you cannot stop. Take it slow, be scared, be cautious, but keep going. Success isn’t so cheap as to be attained by anyone, so be that one-in-a-million person, it’s yours for the taking and all you have to do is keep at it.

In addition to the myriad of problems you will face on your way, you also have to fight yourself. There’s a part inside everyone that pushes you towards comfort. The most dangerous thing about this part of yourself is that it will always keep wanting more. A short nap can always turn into a sleeping habit. This side of you will destroy your dreams if you let it, so don’t take control and don’t let go of it.

I always try to read books to get through the hard days and emotions in my life. My favourite book is "How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be". If you need some motivation in life then I would recommend this blog to you. It can change your life and whole concept of Success.

There Are Certain Things You Need To Let Go

Bad habits are bad habits for a reason; they consume precious time and resources that you simply cannot afford to waste. Figure out the things that hold you back. Is your schedule for success making you miss your favorite TV shows? Maybe you shouldn’t be watching your TV then. If you are not prepared to remove or change your lifestyle for your dreams, then you are never getting there.


Think Out Of The Box

Success doesn’t have a written formula to follow. People are varied when it comes to desires and dreams, meaning, following someone else’s footsteps to success is not going to work out. This is your dream, your life, your desires, doesn’t that mean that this journey has been yours too.

If you think that being creative is talent, it’s not and it never was. It’s a skill and it can be developed. Read books, enjoy art, meet new people and find time to think. Invest on this skill as creativity will be needed on the road ahead. Problems will present themselves with no possible solution, and the only way to solve them will be to take a step back and think up something new, and this requires creativity.

Get the Right Mindset

Have you ever had to do something that you knew you couldn’t do and ended up failing miserably? That’s a mindset problem right there. Your mindset is key in everything you do, literally everything. Enduring through the heartbreaks, loneliness and hopelessness of your path require the discipline of the mind, and without it, this dream will no longer be worthy of all the suffering, and you will give up.

Let’s break down the two different kinds of mindset. A fixed mindset is when you believe that your abilities and qualities are limited. You believe that whatever you have is all you’ve got and whatever you don’t will be yours. They believe that born-talent is all you need to succeed.

A growth mindset, on the other hand, is when you believe that you can be anything as long as you work for it. You believe that you can shape your skills as you desire and remove those that you don’t. To them, success is gained through hard work and determination.

The disadvantages of a fixed mindset are numerous. A person of that mind will not learn anything new or adapt, but a growth mindset allows a person to learn from his mistakes and adapt which will, in time lead to success.

Most people are unaware of the trials and tribulations faced by people that they now look up to. All the pain and loneliness a person has to face to achieve one's dreams is unfathomable, but it’s not all for naught. When you get there, to that place in the stars, you are not only successful but also a better person. Success has a greater payoff than most people think. It’s a spiritual journey, and at the end lays paradise.

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