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Weight of my Mistakes

Updated on June 11, 2016

Weight of my Mistakes

The weight of my mistakes depends on how I feel while the weight of what I say depends on how you feel, but I don't want to bring you down. Am every human. Am not different at all. Sometimes I choose to be cryptique and unfamiliar because am tired of being too common to people who don't understand me. Sometimes I find myself stirred up with raging agility. It makes me say things some people might expect me to sit on. It only gets weighty depending on what your feelings are. My mistakes can only be a burden to you depending on how you feel so don't let it worry you so much. Weight of what I say depends on your feelings, but don;t let it tear you up.

Be sad with a reason


Our lives are sculptured by the sharp and blunt edges of or past. Some of us have too edgy pasts to be rounded. Some of us have too rounded pasts that they can never understand why others are edgy. What another man feels might seem little in the face of another man. Mistakes are mistakes regardless of the magnitude. Whoever is in agreement with his conscience is at peace with himself. I keep strong despite the burden of mistakes I keep doing everyday. Am at peace with myself because problems of this world are traveling.

While everyone looks familiar, I find it difficult to identify a man in the dessert with six feathers in his left hand. Some tell me he is a wizard some say he is an angel. I say he is a man just like me.

Be that Man!



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