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How much you love me-Chapter Six

Updated on July 22, 2017

Chapter Six-The Nightmare

ALEXANDRA is about to be married but she is not even sure of Alexis’ feelings for her. It is just like picking the petals of a flower… he loves me, he loves me not…

The random engagement and the plan of Yalena to schedule the wedding soonest possible created a chaos in the Andreas household. Alexis wanted to stop his grandmother interfering in his personal life but to no avail.

Three days before the wedding, the most unexpected thing happened.

Sandy was hiding herself in the secluded place near the swimming pool trying to clear up her thoughts when Alexis suddenly appeared. However, she felt strange. Alexis seemed to be friendlier and looked different this morning.

“Are you having cold feet already cara?”

Sandy was surprised to hear that voice. Certainly, this is not the same Alexis who was so cold to her since the day she met him.

“I… I don’t know what you mean by that.” Sandy managed to reply lamely. Nevertheless, the truth really hit her. She is not just having cold feet. She is very scared marrying a man she hardly know.

Alexis was trying to embrace Sandy but she pulled herself out of his embrace then a voice behind them thundered.

“Get away from Alexandra Niko!”

Sandy was shocked facing two Alexis.

“I am just trying to get acquainted with your bride Alexis. Nothing to be upset about.” Niko said casually but Sandy could detect the sarcasm in that reply.

Alexis was not pleased either. He looked at Alexandra as if it was her fault. “And why are you hiding here Alexandra? Are you trying to seduce another man? Are you not satisfied with the trouble you created?”

Sandy was not able to reply because Niko came to her defense. “Wait a minute Alexis. You did not even introduce me to your bride. I just happened to come across with Alexandra. Believe me, it was not what you think.”

Alexis face did not even soften.

“Well, then, I guess I have to introduce myself to Alexandra… please to meet you Madam… Andronicus Buencamino at your service.” Niko said kissing the hand of Sandy that really aggravates Alexis.

“By the way Alexis is my younger brother…”

“Brother?” Sandy was confused.

Alexis grabbed Sandy’s hand. “Let’s go! We have a lot of things to prepare.”

Sandy’s questions about the man who introduced himself as Alexis’s brother were answered when Yelena saw Andronicus.

“Andronicus? What are you doing here in Athens?”

“What kind of question is that grandmother?”

“Is Italia short of trouble that you come here to create one?”

“Grandmother … my brother is getting married. I did not even get an invitation. If I did not read it on the paper I could not have known.”

“I want them to get married right away that is why Alexis did not send you an invitation. Anyway, what is it to you Niko? You have not been concern of what your little brother is doing as long as you have the money, am I right?”

Niko did not like what his grandmother said.

“You are wrong grandmother; I do mind very much if he gets hurt.”

“Save your sympathy for yourself Niko! I don’t need your meddling into my business. If you are here for money, you could just have called me.” Alexis said with very deep sarcasm in his voice.

“Because I am curious what kind of woman captures your heart my dear brother…” that was said in a sour kind of voice that made Alexis angrier.

“Stay away from my bride Niko! She is no match for a playboy like you!” Alexis thundered that left a surprised impression on Niko.

Two days more and it would be the biggest day of Alexandra’s life. She could not help thinking of all the consequences in marrying Alexis Andreas. There are lots of people who are not happy with this situation. Since that day that she encountered the stranger who introduced himself as Alexis’ brother, she was being confined in the house of Alexis. The servants were all watching her. She could not even walk in the beach without being chaperoned.

Then the most awaited day has come…her wedding day. Sandy was wearing a simple white gown. Yalena wanted her to wear the family’s bridal trousseau but Sandy refused saying that she just wanted a simple one. The wedding was witnessed by the family members, no reporters because that was what Sandy asked from Yalena.

It was a very quiet day. The bride was teary eyed and the groom felt like he got hit by something that he could not understand.

The small reception was held in the villa. Everybody was enjoying the wedding feast except the bride. One thing Sandy did not know that the champagne that was prepared solely for her and Alexis was drugged.

Sandy woke up with the coldness of the water. She could not swim. She was trying to remember why she is in the water but her mind was totally blank. All she could remember was she was in a wedding… “Help! Help me! O Lord God! Please help me…” Sandy tried to swim but her feet and hands were so tired already of trying. “Lord, please forgive me. If this is my time to die… I am at your mercy…” Sandy lost consciousness after her silent prayer.

Demetri Andromedes first heard the call for help. He was pretty sure it was a woman but could not figure out where it came from. Finally, he spotted her before she completely went underwater. Sandy was unconscious when Demetri took her out of the water and gave her CPR. Demetri called for his private helicopter and brought Sandy to his home. Sandy was seen by Demetri’s private doctor.

Sandy was unconscious for 3 days that Demetri thought she will not make it.

“Please… please don’t hurt me… Noooo!” Sandy was screaming again.

“Miss… thank God you are finally awake… for a moment I thought I lose you. I am Demetri. What is your name?” said Demetri who was holding Sandy’s hand and was smiling at her.

Sandy still feeling so weak and afraid of the man in front of her asked in a frightened voice, “Where am I?”

“You are in my home. I brought you here in the island after I took you out of the water. Why did you swim in that part of the ocean? That was a dangerous spot for swimming…unless somebody took you there…?”

“I did not swim. I don’t know how to swim. I don’t know why I was in the water…”

“What is your name?”

Sandy was trying to remember what happened and who she was but she could not remember.

“You have a big bump in your forehead looked like you bumped into something. I ordered some food for you. Don’t worry… you are safe here in my island.”

“Your island? You own an island?”

Demetri smiled and made Sandy’s heart warm and at peace. “Yes, I own this small island. It is actually my very private place. But my home is in America.”

“America? You are American then?”

“You can say that, yes, I am. I will let you rest for now…but first let us give you a name since you cannot remember yours. I will call you Athena.”


“Yes, because that’s where I found you, in Athens.”

Demetri was a very nice man. Sandy felt safe in his company. She still could not remember what happened to her and who she is but the dream always come back to her. She saw in her dream that a man tied her in a boat and when she tried to get away he hit her with a puddle. That’s all she can remember.

On the other hand, Alexis woke up that morning with the headache. He could not remember being drunk. Then she saw the letter of Sandy saying that she is going home to the Philippines. She could not reconcile the fact of being married to Alexis.

For the first time in his life, Alexis felt so drained. He just realized that he could not live without Sandy in his life. He decided to go for her in the Philippines but Yalena got sick again due to Sandy’s disappearance.

Alexis contacted Sandy’s parents but he could not locate them. It is as if Sandy doesn’t want him to find her. As the days went by, it was like a real torture for Alexis.

The pain of losing

"You can't be like this forever Alexis!" Yalena confronted her grandson.

"What do you want me to do grandmother? I was a stupid fool!" Alexis replied and suddenly slumped on the floor. He was so drunk that Yalena has to call the servants to bring him to his room.

Yalena did not know what to do. She could not understand what had gone wrong between Alexandra and Alexis that made Alexandra to run away the night after their wedding.

They already contacted all hospitals or even the authorities in the Philippines but Alexandra was nowhere to be found. Alexis was still searching for Alexandra's parents hoping that he can find her through them but it all lead to nothing.

Yalena has given Alexis the ultimatum to find Alexandra or he'll lose his inheritance.

"What has Alexandra got to do with my inheritance grandmother?"

"Just find her and bring her back Alexis...bring her home..." Yalena handed the newspaper to Alexis-the announcement of Demetri Andromedes and his fiancee "Athena" who really look like Alexandra is on the front page.


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