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How much you love me-Chapter Two

Updated on August 16, 2014

Chapter Two-A thorn in the heart

Sandy opened her eyes and found six pairs of eyes staring anxiously at her. She could not remember what happened except that she was about to tell Yalena that she could not stay. She has to go back home.

"Are you with us now Miss Mendel?"

That voice again. That very firm and hard voice. Sandy replied without even looking at the direction of the speaker. She knew it was Alexis Andreas.

"Yes... I am so sorry to give you trouble on my first day... I don't know what happened."

It was Yalena who answered with so much warmth in her voice that gives Sandy comfort. "You collapsed while we were talking. I was about to show you the beautiful view in the verandah especially the sunrise... “Yalena added with a smile.

Sandy felt like crying again but she tried to hold it. She tried to get up but could not. She felt so weak as if all her energy was drained.

Then Alexis told everybody to leave and let her rest. She was surprised that everybody obey him even the old lady.

She was expecting him to leave the room too only to be disappointed.

"How are you feeling?"

It was a gentle question which really disarmed her. She was preparing for battle but this man really knows how to manipulate people. That was another impression she got.

"Alexandra, I am asking you!" Asked Alexis again but this time it was like a bark.

"I... I am fine, thank you Mr. Andreas. I am so grateful of your help." She presumed it was Alexis who brought her here in the bedroom.

"Don't flatter yourself, it was my charming uncle who carried you in his arms and called the doctor."

She was wrong again. That made her angrier.

"I presumed that you still want to work for me as my grandmother's caregiver, right?"

The question really made Sandy decide to stay. She will show this man that she is competent and that she could not be ordered around. But that is really impossible... this man is her employer. Ah, no matter what, she is here now so she might as well do her best. Do her best!

"Yes. I still want to work."

Alexis seemed to relax hearing her reply. Sandy was wondering why.

"You can start tomorrow. For now, get some rest. Tomorrow I will show you the place." Then Alexis left the room without even glancing back or giving her a smile.

Sandy could not really understand how it happened. Why this man is giving her the worst reaction ever. But on the other hand, she wants Alexis Andreas to think good of her. She wants him... No! She is a very contented person. She likes her independence. She does not want to be bothered with that crazy thing... that crazy thing... but what is that crazy thing that she does not even want to say?

She tried to sleep the whole day. She did not even bother to eat the food that the servant brought into her room.

Somebody is knocking on the door.

"Please come in." She expected to find Yalena or even one of the servants. But it is Alexis himself with a very grim expression.

"What is wrong with you? Angelini told me you did not eat."

Sandy was so tired to figure out why this man is so unpredictable. One minute he is so gentle, the next thing he is so hard, the next thing... he is angry... what is the next? She was still musing herself until she felt the bed moved. Alexis sat on the bedside and was looking at her intently.

Sandy wanted to turn her head aside but Alexis prevented it.

Gently, he touched her face as if he likes touching it and said, “You need your strength Alexandra in order for you to fight me..."

"WH... what did you say?"

"Forget what I said. What I want to say now is that you need to eat and gain your strength again because you have a long day tomorrow. I will see you tomorrow. Don't worry; I don't live here so you will not see me often. That will give you peace I am sure." He gave her that enigmatic smile that made Alexandra's heart skip a bit.

Sandy forced herself to eat. She drifted back to sleep.

It was a beautiful morning. Sandy was able to see the vast expanse of the ocean. She can even see the seagulls flying and the pelicans fishing for fish.

After changing into her jeans and sweater, Sandy tried to find her way downstairs using the stairways again. She almost collided with Angelini.

"Oh Miss... here is your uniform. The Young Master wants you to wear it." Angelini said with a smile and handed the uniform to Sandy.

Sandy was not able to reply right away. She was speechless. "A uniform?" She did not notice that she said it aloud. Too late when she realized that somebody was watching them.

It was Amina. "What is wrong with the uniform Miss Mendel? You are the 'caregiver' of my grandmother. Don't you think it is natural for you to wear a servant's uniform? You don't think that you will be treated differently, don't you?"

Sandy replied in a very tactful manner. "Yes, of course Miss Amina. Thank you for reminding me that. If you will excuse me I will change now."

"You don't have to worry about breakfast. The servants always eat in the kitchen."

Sandy barely heard what Amina said. Leaning on the closed door she started to gather her wits. She never imagined herself be treated like this. For one thing, she is not a slave. She is hired to help an elderly. Thinking about her role she realized Amina is right, even if being a caregiver is a different term--- it amounts to the same thing... a hired help, in short---a servant.

"Patience Alexandra... think of your father... “She said to herself tearfully. She has to bear all this. She needs the money. Yes, she needs the money from Alexis Andreas to pay for her father's hospitalization.

Slowly she put on her uniform. She was fixing her long hair on a pony tail when she heard a knock on the door. “Please come in... I am just about to go downstairs..." she said not even bothering to see who was on the door.

Alexis stopped on his track when he saw Alexandra wearing the servant's uniform. "Who gave you that?"

"You, of course Young Master..."

"Don't be ridiculous Miss Mendel. You are not going to wear that dress. Please take if off. I trust you have other clothes to wear. I will wait for you downstairs."

Sandy did not really understand. What is going on here? Somebody must have misunderstood Alexi’s instruction or maybe the Young Master forgot his instruction?

Alexis was already waiting outside with the car when Sandy came downstairs. Yalena and Amina were seated at the back while she was instructed to sit at the front seat which made her more uncomfortable.

She was given a tour of the city. She found out that the old lady of the Andreas Mansion has a soft heart but stubborn too and arrogant like her grandson.

Alexis took them home and Sandy was left with Yalena. Amina insisted on going with Alexis which the latter was not able to refuse.

Sandy helped Yalena undressed but the old Lady refused.

"I am still capable of doing that myself Alexandra. What I need is somebody to talk to... somebody who has a heart to listen to an old lady like me... my family are too busy in their individual life that they don't have time for me... not even my own son." It was said with bitterness.

Sandy was deeply touched by that. "I am sure Madam... they will find time one of these days... actually I would be very happy to give you company and do things for you. That is why I am here to help you."

"I am not an invalid Alexandra. I don't know why my grandson wanted me to have a caregiver. But the first time I saw your picture... I like you then... and I like you more in person..." Yalena said giving her a brilliant smile.

Sandy almost cried with that comment. She felt like her mother was talking to her. "I like you too Madam Andreas. Thank you for being so nice to me."

“I am not a nice person Alexandra... you will discover that in the future. I wanted to rest for now so feel free to explore the house if you want to. There is a very big swimming pool at the back near the fountain... I am sure you will like it."

That was a dismissal. Sandy left the old lady hesitantly but Yalena seemed does not want her around so she left the room and found herself walking in the garden.

She was thinking deeply on the real situation of her employment when she saw that Vassili Andreas is coming toward her. His hair was still damped.

She did not realize that the garden really leads to the swimming pool.

"Hello Alexandra... if I may call you that..." asked Vassili Andreas.

"Y-yes... you may."

"So maman dismissed you already?" asked Vassili as if he knew what his mother did.

"Yes, she wanted to take some rest. I guess she was tired of our trip in the mainland Mr. Andreas."

"Just Vassili please... we don't have to be so formal here."

Vassili extends his hand to Alexandra..."Friends?"

Sandy thought... there is no harm in that gesture. She accepted the hand shake. That was the situation that Alexis Andreas saw.

"Feel at home already Miss Mendel?" That was said in a very sarcastic voice.

Both Vassili and Alexandra were not able to reply with that remark.

However, that was only in a splitting moment. Sandy wanted to lash back. But when she looked up the expression on Alexis face was unreadable. She could not understand why. He could not be thinking that she is out here with his uncle for a personal reason.


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