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How the Cheetah got Their Names by Shonah Minle Melton

Updated on April 25, 2016

Free Poetry for Children by Shonah Milne Melton - How the Cheetah got Their Names..... Fun.... ideal for 3 + year olds.... imaginative... increase your chil

This is how the Cheetah's got their names,

Given to the chaps and also the dames.

Listen very carefully, fit the puzzle together,

And you’ll remember my story, for ever and ever.

An English chap visited our lovely jungle,

He used word that made me really bungle.

Often he would say, “Ta old chap,”

This would send me into an awful flap.

Now, “Ta,” means thank you in a very English way,

I love saying it, each and every single day.

I then added “Gee,” to that little word,

Put the two together and what is it you’ve heard?

“Gee Ta,” say it faster, “Gee Ta, Ge Ta, Geeta,”

Do you make the connection?....... CHEETAH!!!!

Written by

Shonah Milne Melton


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