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How the Likes on Your Facebook Page Can Be Turned to Your Advantage

Updated on January 16, 2017

Facebook outreach to mobile users will only escalate with easy access to internet from mobile phones, with three quarter of mobile users worldwide being connected to Facebook from their mobile devices in 20181. Inevitably, this is a useful trend for businesses to capitalise on. Moreover, with the ability to sync multiple social media platforms on Facebook, it aids you in building consistency in bringing across the personality of your brand as you launch new products or features1. You could easily achieve this by taking on different stance, as and when your brand needs to put on that serious, humorous or just casual outreach2.

Essentially, your brand can benefit from Facebook outreach by increasing your brand awareness, generating leads such as driving traffic and conversions, increasing the availability of customer service that includes survey feedback and response rate2. Achieving quantity response on Facebook alone is not sufficient to maintain a long-term engagement for your brand, instead, a high quality and loyal fans are necessary in ensuring your brand receives sufficient human touch element to thrive in social media marketing. In fact, the 80/20 rule applies, when 80% of the content is focused in promoting your products/service and the remaining 20% is catered to show your fans and followers a different side of your brand.

To draw engagement from your various groups of fans, your content on Facebook has to capture their attention by including diversified forms of content such as video, apart from the typical posts. The ‘share’ button is the feature which has made Facebook ever so popular, allowing Facebook to become the most dominant form of social media shares and Facebook video marketing strategy to surpass that of YouTube1. This is primarily because, the sharing feature allows emotions evoked from the video to be passed on to your followers on Facebook as well. As such, this would definitely be a powerful tool for your brand to combine the video marketing strategy into your content.

Furthermore, to keep your fans loyal to your brand, it is crucial for you to be able to keep their attention on your product. This includes having shorter but more powerful statements on your post, as you know millennials today have short attention span and would waste no time in reading long post that may not mean much to them1. Therefore, your post has to be succinct and relevant, and it would be even more engaging when you include an image that speaks of the content as well2.

Bringing this engagement to another level, it is imperative for your content to elicit responses from your viewers such that communication is two-way2. One way of ensuring this is definitely by putting your content in the perspective of consumers across, that is genuine and easy to follow1. Otherwise, viewers would feel detached from your brand and it does not help in keeping loyal fans. Your brand could also invite for calls of actions that would get your followers talking about you, such as asking for their feedback, suggestions and solutions to challenges in your post that would get them more involved. You would be perceived as a more valuable brand certainly, when you include interesting articles and video pertaining to your niche as a brand with a simple “watch this” or “click this” instruction.

To make your content more focus-oriented, you could drive your content towards any of these three types of Facebook posts. Firstly, campaign post is part of a creative campaign that calls for a series of posts created to promote a product or simply to drive engagement. Secondly, ad-hoc post is usually a standalone which conveys the whole story in one post. Ad-hoc post could also be part of a campaign post. Lastly, curated content helps to position your brand as a topical authority, and not just another brand trying to promote their products, with valuable content shared from other credible sources as described2.

Undeniably, your brand has to be equipped with the latest relevant information, as how every successful marketing strategy has been. When you are able to add on that persona to your brand personality in your Facebook posts, surely you could double up the likes on your Facebook page to become your loyal customer base.

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2 CoSchedule. “Facebook Marketing Strategy: Why You Need One (& How to Build It)” Ben Sailer, June 2016

Credit: Octavilia Budianto


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