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How to Ace Your Narrative Essay

Updated on February 21, 2019

The Road to Acing that Narrative Essay

A narrative essay is not like any other type of essays as it has key elements such as characters, setting, theme, plot, conflict, and resolution. A narrative essay must present all these elements in order for it to be well-tied up. A well-wrapped plot is all it takes to ace your narrative essays, no matter how many twists you want to put in there, you just have to make sure that all ends are tied and there are no loopholes. Now, keep these elements in mind as you proceed through the following steps:

Come up with an interesting topic

The best way to prepare a good narrative is to browse through various narrative essays to spark some ideas. At this point, if you are given the freedom to pick your own theme, play around what genre you want to work with. Read through your lectures and the assigned stories and see if you can work around it.

Strengthen your theme
A story without a special piece of wisdom is an empty story. Regardless if you are inspired by a true event or pure fiction, ensure that you have something to offer aside from the story. You may choose to envelope an important societal issue or a significant knowledge you wish to impart to others within your narrative. Usually, you do not have to research to write a story, but if you want to work around historical fictions, you may have to research an element or two for accuracy and to enhance your story further. Whichever the case, this type of writing is a common thing in schools, and your theme is your first card to acing your narrative essay.

Do not lose your sight on the prompt
Some narrative essays are given without strict guidelines, however, sometimes a list of points are required to meet is given. For instance, you may be required to write on a personal success, your Christmas week, a case where you showed leadership, or that one time you chose to embrace diversity. Whatever it is, you have to make sure that you drown in your own ideas. If it can help, list down all your ideas and choose among them later on which idea fits the prompt best. As long as you are certain that you have met the instructions, then you may proceed with drafting your plot.

Draft your plot
This is where it gets tricky. Now, remember the elements we mentioned before?
Write them down, and manage your plot within those elements to make sure that
they will all work together. Apart from this, keep in mind that what you are about to write must be a specific story, concise and well-planned. You are not about to write a novel, so you have to make wise decisions on how you can present a good story within a limited word count. Try to be as specific as possible for a better depiction of the story – for example, instead of saying “One sunny day”, you can say “It was two days before Christmas”. Broad descriptions lead to vague pictures, and vague imagery leads to a bad narrative. Aside from this, do not put in a lot of characters in the story so you can manage the flow of your narrative better. There are excellent
narrative essays that surround one or two characters only. This allows you to build your characters and your story better.

Throw in details
Again, the importance of specific details make up a good story, as these
details will lead to a clear image of the setting and tone of the story, as well as it will fill in some gaps. Vibrant details thicken up plots, and even if you have that theme, twists, climax, and resolution going well, if the image is unclear, the story will sound flat. You have to make sure that your readers will feel like the event is unfolding right before their eyes. If in case you are writing fiction, do not go beyond what can actually happen in reality. Do not allow a snowy day suddenly become a humid and sunny day - consistency is the key. For instance, “On a chilly Christmas morning, your grandmother, wearing her favorite green sweater, is busy preparing her special roast beef, and you can smell the rosemary as you chop the russet potatoes for her – a moment you will not exchange for something else, for it is the last time you saw her smile that year”. The image, the feel, the color, and the tone can make a single statement give your reader the image and the emotion all at once.

Arrange your narrative
Once you have drafted your plot with all the details you can squeeze in, it is time to arrange your story. This is where you seal all the holes you can find as you further strengthen your theme. Do not attempt to arrange your narrative with the plot clear in your mind. Outlining can help you greatly to weed out unnecessary parts from your narrative, especially those that only clutters your scene. More importantly, you have to make your climax sound like a climax. Let the highlight of your story shine before you move down to ending your narrative with a blow. Another thing, be consistent with your point of view. Short narratives cannot work with changing perspectives, so if you started with how one character sees the event, stick with that to the end.

After all that, you need to take a break. Yes! You do. You have to take a walk or play with a dog for a little while before you start reading what you wrote to ensure that you will not miss the errors you need to take away. At this stage, you are finished, however, every champion needs to analyze if the strategy is right before you go against all the other narratives your classmates submitted.
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