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How to Become a #1 Amazon Best Seller in a Week

Updated on November 14, 2014

Will I Publish or Perish?

Ok, first let me upfront - this isn't my first rodeo. When I published my first Kindle ebook to help promote my training on field inspection work, I also wrote a hub about getting started in field inspections. So this Hub will not be about the "how to" write a Kindle ebook.

But I will share how I promoted my latest ebook on local business marketing. Will it make it to #1 on Amazon? or will it simply be another forgotten ebook?

Taking That First Step

Ok, we all know that saying, "you can't judge a book by its cover." But the reality is that first impressions matter.

In dancing tango we talk about "leading with intention." That is how you need to communicate with your reader even before they've read one of your wisdom. You need to SHOW them why they need to read on.

My Draft Book Cover


Pre-Launch - Ready, Aim..

Ok, so far I've started notifying some of my social circles - Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, writers' groups.. past customers who have bought books or services.

I've let them know that this may not be a subject that their interested in, but I'm going to show them everything I'm doing to try to make this book a success.

On my website I've started to build some landing pages for capturing emails.

Next I'll be making some videos and talking about what I'm doing.

Two Days Before Publish or Perish Launch

Using Evernote for Marketing

One inspired idea that came up was to share the show notes as Evernote notebooks.. don't know if anyone's ever tried this.

But I'll give it a shot and share my experiences.

So far, I invited a guest to submit her bio into a shared notebook. If anyone's interested in her stuff, we'll add them to that notebook as a sort of "sign in."

Getting Down to the Wire

One of the things I'm starting to be acutely aware of is how much is involved in pre-launch, or preparing for the actual launch. I picked up Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula, and he talks about building the anticipation.

Otherwise, there's nothing worse than pressing the "go" button and nothing happens. No sales. Just crickets chirping..

T Minus 3 Hours 32 Minutes and Counting..

One Last Motivational Video Before Launch

More Video Updates

So here's what I did throughout the day - at different times I'd invite folks to jump on the Hangout, or donate prizes to give out (no one took me up on that, except for Pam of IMSC)

Periodically, I played YouTube music videos - the problem was the sound. So that didn't work so well.

People were generally really supportive and cheering me on. So that part was insipring.

Publish or Perish Marathon Book Launch

Hard Facts and Harder Numbers

So just after 12 hours we're ranking # 61 for web marketing and #63 for small business - and I'm trying not to obsess about this.

Going to dinner and watching a movie was a nice break. (Caught a matinee of Interstellar - really nice version of the "hero's journey"!)

Search Engine Friendly Stuff

So what I did in terms of keyword research was look for terms that ideally had a decent search volume with relatively lower competition.

My original ideas turned out to be bad for competition, and my other ones turned out to be bad volume. Ultimately, I found ones that had about 1000 searches a month using both Google Keyword Planner and inexpensive software called Keyword Advantage.(recommended affiliate link)

Ranking After 12 Hours

current amazon ranking for Web Marketing - Small Business
current amazon ranking for Web Marketing - Small Business | Source

What Other Source Material Can I Add??

Stories, videos, pictures?

Another Inspiring Photo Might Be..Reaching # 24 in 24 Hours

How Did I Get Here

Well, we all love the classic hero's journey - the beautiful arc where they face a challenge and overcome it. Then they ride off into the sunset.

But the reality is this other cartoon!

I often share how entrepreneurs are each on their own hero's journey. That's why I tell them that The Alchemist is required reading. It's a metaphor for the crazy path that awaits them when they answer the call to action. Along the way they may end up helping a glass maker or who knows?

What Success Really Looks Like


How the Alchemist Has Inspired Me Over These Years

On my required reading list for entrepreneurs,,
On my required reading list for entrepreneurs,, | Source

Entrepreneur's Hero's Journey

During the book launch I talked about how entrepreneurs are like the mutants of X-men, each struggling to figure out their super power, each often wanting to hide their ability because of fear of how it makes them different.

Once they embrace it, they learn that it's also their ability to change the world for good.

We're Each on Our Own Hero's Journey

Poll - How Have You Promoted Your Writing / Work?

What ways have you put your work out there?

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